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When Is It Time To Upgrade Your Home Network?

When Is It Time To Upgrade Your Home Network?

Improve Your Colleyville, TX Home’s Connectivity With A Home Network Setup

Your home network is fundamental to how you use your living space. You can work from home because you can connect with coworkers and clients at any time. You can listen to music in any room because you have wireless speakers connected to a smart home control system that lets you choose what you want to hear, wherever you want to hear it.

But what happens if you try to hop onto an important conference call and your Internet connection goes out? Or you invite friends over to binge a new Netflix series and you’re stuck with blurry visuals because the stream isn’t buffering at high definition? Having speakers in every room isn’t any good if you can’t access your music service.

In our latest blog, we look at how a home network setup can increase the functionality of your Colleyville home by strengthening your Internet connection so it can handle all of your smart technology.


Your Smart Technology Is Lagging

The reason you invested in a smart home system is because it delivers comfort and convenience, but you’ll find yourself with new headaches if your home network can’t handle the stress of all your automated technology. Being able to program scenes for your home allows you to transform spaces with the push of a button, activating multiple automated technologies at the same time. If you find yourself waiting for your lights to dim and your shades to lower after choosing a scene, your home network is probably struggling to support all of the devices using its bandwidth.

The most common indicators of a weak Internet signal are A/V related. When you have low-resolution online video and interruptions in your streaming audio. At any given time, you can have multiple people in your house streaming multiple media sources all at once. And if you have guests asking to use your Wi-Fi at a party, you add even more strain on your network. A home network setup evaluates the strength of your current network and finds solutions that ensure your smart home and entertainment systems function without any hiccups.

You’re Considering A Smart Home Upgrade

Whether it's a new construction or a retrofit project, you're going to want a reinforce home network setup as the foundation for your new smart home. Home Theater Technologies is an all-in-one smart home company that can satisfy all of your network needs while also helping you build an integrated technology system with other devices.

We are proud to be the smart home automation and dedicated home theater specialists for Colleyville, Southlake, and the greater Dallas area, providing expert design, installation, and programming services to help homeowners get the most from their technology. Our Colleyville showroom spotlights integrated technology solutions for different areas of the home, giving visitors the opportunity to experience smart home automation and control for themselves. We also feature a wide range of high-end audio and video components, so you can see and hear the difference of 4K UHD displays and high-fidelity KEF loudspeakers.

Our team is ready to bring you a comprehensive, detail-oriented smart home upgrade, complete with a home network setup that delivers a strong, reliable connection secure from outside threats. To learn more, call us at (817) 381-7262, send a message in the window at the bottom of your screen, or visit our Colleyville showroom to witness smart home automation in action.

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