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What to Look for in a Landscape Lighting Company

What to Look for in a Landscape Lighting Company

Find the Best Lighting Installer in Highland Park, Texas

Adding landscape lighting to your home’s outdoor areas is an easy and effective way to enhance beauty, security, and ambiance. But making the decision to get landscape lighting is just the first step of the process. Before you can start enjoying your new curb appeal, you need to find a reputable company in the Dallas area to install the lighting system. Below, we cover the things to keep in mind when researching lighting installers.

Lighting Design

Effective outdoor lighting is about so much more than just sticking some path lights along the sidewalk. It’s about designing a complete system in which individual lights complement the landscape as a whole. Different tones, brightness levels, and lighting direction all play a part in creating a cohesive, stunning look. Because of this, any good lighting company would need to see your outdoor area before designing the system. After all, it’s hard to develop a cohesive look when you don’t know where the focal points need to be or what landscaping features need to be integrated into the overall design.

When speaking with prospective lighting companies, it’s a positive sign if they discuss lighting design and in-home assessments. That means they’re serious about creating a system that actually looks good, not just installing a few lights.

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Latest Technologies

Outdoor lighting technologies have come a long way in recent years. Now, instead of a system that gives you two choices (on and off), you can enjoy the flexibility of outdoor lighting that can accommodate different occasions and activities. From one smart system, you can choose which fixtures to turn on, adjust the color of lights for a festive occasion, and even connect your lights to other technologies in your home, such as the sound system.

If you’re interested in smart lighting control, it’s important to choose a company that can do both landscape lighting and smart home automation systems—that way, you don’t have to worry about bringing in two different contractors to work on the same project.


Any project that deals with electrical wiring carries a risk of injury, and it’s not worth dealing with the liability that comes from bringing in an uninsured company. Instead, cover your bases by ensuring that the company you’ve hired has proper insurance for their entire team.


If the lighting company is confident in the quality of their work, it should have no problem providing a warranty for the project. The company should stand behind their work confidently. If the installer you’re researching refuses to offer a workmanship warranty, consider it a red flag.


If you want something done right, you don’t leave it in the hands of someone who has never done it before. Verify with the lighting company that they are well-versed in outdoor systems and have done similar lighting environments to yours. It’s good to ask for a portfolio, testimonials, or photos of past work so that you can verify that the company’s style is in line with yours.

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