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What It Means to Be Lutron Home Lighting Design Experts

What It Means to Be Lutron Home Lighting Design Experts

Digital Interiors is Proud to Announce It’s Now a Lutron Platinum Dealer

The team at Digital Interiors believe your home lighting system, motorized shades, and climate control should be easy to manage throughout your house.

These smart solutions should be an asset to your family. You can set the scene for the perfect night-in, customizing lighting brightness and color levels. You can save energy with special shades and thermostat settings. The benefits are endless.

Whether you’re building a brand-new house or have lived in your current home for years, upgrading your lighting control, shades, and thermostat can be easy with the help of a local technology expert.

For the best service and installation in your Suwanee, Georgia-area house, consider working with a Lutron home lighting design expert.

As one of the Atlanta-area’s lone Lutron Platinum Dealers, we explain below how the brand’s technology can overhaul and improve your entire home.

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Why Choose Lutron?

Regardless of how expansive your house might be, a single Lutron control system can manage all of the lights, shades, and thermostats throughout your property.

Our team of home lighting design experts firstly will replace your standard in-wall on/off switches with smart Lutron switches and dimmers.

Not only can these new in-wall features come in different styles and designs, but they also can vary in color and control options. You have hundreds of options to choose from. That way, you can select dimmers and switches that perfectly fit your home’s interior design.

As we overhaul the way you manually can control your lights, shades, and climate with connected Lutron technology, you also will gain the ability to manage your system remotely, as well.

With an integrated system, you will be able to control everything directly from the Lutron mobile application on your smartphone or tablet.

As you lounge in your great room, dim the lights from your seat to your preferred level. As you lay in bed before sleep, turn off all the lights, close all shades, and lower the thermostat with the press of a button.

What separates Lutron technology from your standard smart lighting control solution, though, is that you can customize your system to your preferences.

We explain that concept further in the section below.

Digital Interiors’ Commitment to You

A smart home lighting design should cater to your distinct preferences. As Lutron installation experts, we at Digital Interiors ensure that happens.

As we work with you to build the infrastructure to your system, you can have the option to add personalized scenes to custom in-wall keypads throughout your home.

Here are a couple of examples: By your front door, you can place a keypad that features a “Welcome Home” button that will illuminate the lights in your ground floor and raise the thermostat as you return from an evening out. That same keypad also can feature a “Leaving House” command that will turn off every light and close all shades for you.

No matter what scenes you might find convenient to your lifestyle, we can ensure they are prominently featured throughout your Lutron lighting system. You will also be able to access those commands on your mobile apps, as well.

We even can help you create automation tasks so that lights can turn on and off at set times of the day.

Our most important priority, though, will be ensuring your brand-new system is expertly installed and crafted to your preferences. After all, we are firm believers that our Lutron solutions should enhance and improve your lifestyle.

Want to find out more about our new Lutron Platinum Dealer designation and what that means for you?

Get started on your brand-new Suwanee-area home lighting design project today by clicking the button below.

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