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What is the Best Gear for Your Home Theater System?

What is the Best Gear for Your Home Theater System?

Enhance Your Movies with Top-of-the-Line Manufacturers

Luxury home theater systems should be a step above the standard solutions you find at a local retail store. As you plan for your new entertainment space, it's important that you only work with the top manufacturers in the AV industry. When you hire a professional to come and design a theater for your Houston, TX home, part of their job is advising you on which equipment would work best in your space. In this blog, we highlight some of our top partners and the ways they could enhance your movie-watching experience.

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Your video display will be the focal point of your home theater, so you need to make sure you find the right one for your space. Screen Innovations offers a variety of screen options ranging from 20 inches to 35 feet. Depending on where your theater will be located, you can opt for their darker screens ideal for spaces with ambient lighting. In multi-purpose rooms, use retractable screens that disappear into the ceiling when not in use.


The theater’s location will also affect the projector you should use. We help you find the ideal brightness, color contrast and video resolution for your theater. We recommend going with a 4K Ultra HD projector from either Epson or Sony. Both are HDR compatible to get you the greatest color detail possible. Once we know your space limitations or layout, we can figure out if your home theater system would benefit from a long-throw, short-throw or rear mounted projector.

AV Receiver

Your AV receiver is the heart of your home theater system. If you're not getting a good signal out of your sources, it doesn't matter how good your speakers and projectors are. To get the best video quality, make sure your receiver is 4K Ultra HD and HDR compatible. It should also be Dolby Atmos enabled so audio can move around the room freely for more realistic surround sound. We recommend receivers from JBL Synthesis, Sony or Marantz depending on the system you’re designing.


You should try to use the same company for all your speakers to make sure your audio blends well. Your speakers should also have Dolby Atmos capabilities for a more immersive surround sound experience. Take your space and stylistic limitations into account. For example, JBL offers small home theater systems for media room applications. Meanwhile, James Loudspeakers and Revel have in-wall and in-ceiling options for more discreet installations.

Control Solution

What good is a home theater if it’s not easy to manage? We can integrate it into a Savant Systems control solution. You can then use their Pro Control to quickly alternate between all your source components as well as manage the lighting and climate in the room to create the ideal movie-watching experience. You can even save your favorite channels and streaming services into your remote touchpad, so you pull them up them quickly in the future.

From your speakers to your control device, the experts at SES Design Group can help you find the perfect equipment for your home theater. All our solutions are custom-designed for our clients, so the first step is a consultation to figure out exactly what you want to get out of your system. To get started, all you have to do is call us at (281) 397-7700 or fill out our online contact form.

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