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What Is Human-Centric Lighting?

What Is Human-Centric Lighting?

Bring the Benefits of Nature into Your Home

Lighting can profoundly impact the way we feel. We notice this in extreme circumstances: strobe lights might make our heart race; a dimly lit hallway may make one feel uneasy; and an incredibly bright room makes us feel exposed. We’ve all attended a party that would have felt more comfortable if the lights were slightly dimmed, and we’ve all spent time in windowless offices that felt particularly bleak.  

These circumstances are glaringly obvious when observing how light impacts us. But what if your home’s lights are always subtly influencing your mental state? That’s the idea behind human-centric lighting, a new movement of smart technology that brings the benefit of natural light into your home. Read on to see how it works and how human centric lighting can improve your daily life.

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Why We Need Human-Centric Lighting

With a smart lighting system installed by an integrator like BRAVAS, your home’s lighting fixtures will automatically shift their color temperature and brightness throughout the day. Why? Because our bodies run on a circadian rhythm, an internal clock that is regulated by the sun. We used to live our days by the sun. But since the invention of the lightbulb, we wake at any time and go back to sleep late at night, staying active well past the sunset under artificial light.

This throws our circadian rhythm off. Without natural queues from morning light and the sunset on our bodies, our sleep schedule is disturbed. Lights that are too bright or dim can also cause headaches and irritability, and in wintertime, a lack of sunshine can bring our spirits into despair. Luckily, smart lighting solutions are changing the way we light our homes.

How It Works

By installing tunable LED bulbs and incorporating them into a smart system, your lights will start in the morning with a bright, blue-white tone. Bright morning lights will inspire energy and your mind to produce serotonin, allowing you to seize the day and feel your best. As the day goes on, bulbs will transition into warmer, golden hues and lower the brightness. This prepares your mind for relaxation in the evening and eventually, sleep. You’ll enjoy a more restful night and wake up refreshed. From your smart home system, you can also schedule lights to turn off and on automatically or control the entire house in one press of a button.

Added Comfort with Motorized Shades

Smart lighting isn’t restricted to only your lightbulbs. Motorized shades automatically raise and lower with heat sensors, schedules, or one tap on your smartphone. Set your blinds to rise with the sun, letting morning light trickle into your bedroom. At night, your home’s shades will lower at sundown for added privacy. It may not take heaps of effort, but motorized shades take just one more task off your shoulders, making daily life a little more relaxing.

Curious about adding human-centric lighting to your home? Contact BRAVAS Group to discuss your options and discover the possibilities.

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