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What Is HomeWorks QS and Is It Right for Your Home?

What Is HomeWorks QS and Is It Right for Your Home?

Integrate Your Home’s Lights for Complete Control

No conversation about a smart home installation would be complete without discussing control options. It’s important to know what control system you want to manage the smart technology in your Dallas, TX home.

For lighting in particular, one of the most prominent high-end options is Lutron HomeWorks QS. Of course, the big question is whether or not it’s right for your home – and the best way to know the answer is by knowing more about the main features and benefits of HomeWorks QS!

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What is HomeWorks QS? 

HomeWorks QS is a lighting control system by the leading brand in smart lighting technology: Lutron. HomeWorks QS is one of their higher-end systems designed to integrate all of your light fixtures, window treatments, and lighting controls into one main platform.

The result is centralized control from one system that manages all of your lighting and shading and even integrates with other technology like smart thermostats, home audio systems, and more!

Control Options

There are lots of different ways to manage your HomeWorks QS lighting system. One of our favorite options is the Palladiom keypad. It installs directly into the wall for a sleek and well-designed alternative to a traditional light switch.

Voice control, remotes, timers – however you want to control your lights, there’s an option that will meet your needs!

You can even access your controls through the Lutron Home Control+ app for both Apple and Android devices, including the Apple Watch.

Full Control, Full Integration 

As mentioned above, Lutron HomeWorks QS integrates with tons of different smart devices throughout your home.

The benefit is more immediate and customized control.

Rather than switching through different control management systems, you can easily adjust your home from one central location.

This means less hassle, less time spent adjusting your products, and more time to enjoy your smart home. 

Compatibility: Determine If It’s Right for Your Home 

HomeWorks QS can use either a local control strategy or a centralized system design.

In the former, every load/fixture has a local control device linked to the circuit. In the latter, the hardware runs back to panels in a designated equipment room.

A hybrid system is also available, combining the two systems’ technology.

If you don’t have an unused closet or basement, this system may not be the best option since it’s usually controlled by a central system that will be stored in one of these spaces.

Generally, though, we find that space can be made to incorporate the system.

With that said, Lutron HomeWorks QS is best for homes in new construction with open walls so that your installer can prewire for high voltage and low voltage communication.

It’s important to note that this is not a wireless service, the system requires a lot of wiring. Thus, having an environment to run those wires and set it up properly is essential. Lutron has many other wireless solutions that we can implement into your property if wired isn’t the right fit for your home!

Interested in learning more about the HomeWorks QS or the other options for Lutron lighting control? Reach out to us by clicking the button below or calling (972) 488-5100 to start the conversation.

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