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What CEDIA 2019 Updates Can You Add to Your Custom Home Theater?

What CEDIA 2019 Updates Can You Add to Your Custom Home Theater?

We’ll Look at 8K TVs, Audio Updates and More

We look forward to the CEDIA Expo every year to learn what’s trending in the industry. Though the CEDIA crowds love exploring everything new in smart home technology, there’s something for everyone to marvel at in home theater gear.

Whether you want to view the largest screens, the showiest tower speakers or the atmospheric lighting that enhances the mood, CEDIA 2019 delighted every attendee who wanted to learn more about custom home theater setups and the technology that drives them.

Considering an addition or even a complete revamp to your current entertainment space? Keep reading to see what we found on the expo floor that we can’t wait to model in your Southlake, TX, home!

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The Rise of 8K

At one time not too far back, 8K resolution on your very own screen sounded like a fable. At CEDIA, however, we experienced firsthand the lifelike look and crisp finish that the crystal-clear picture quality provides. It’s pretty breathtaking when you’re standing right next to a massive 8K display!

At four times the resolution of 4K and 16 times the resolution of 1080p HD, 8K TV screens seemed to have overshadowed 4K just as 4K started appearing in more homes. Though 8K certainly impresses, it’s not the only player on the market. With 8K in the picture, 4K distributors upped the ante with improved products across TV brands. The best part? These enhanced 4K products are suddenly much more affordable.

Sound by Design

From an engineering perspective, audio hasn’t changed much since the last show, but we were excited to see more attention to design. A process called “hydro dipping” applies images directly to a speaker grille so that your audio equipment doubles as art.

Outdoor audio is also making strides, with more manufacturers entering the alfresco theater game. On the floor, we saw plenty of impressive camouflaged speakers that looked like rocks, planters or simple geometric shapes.

Some companies took their creations a step further, creating speakers that blended into shrubbery or granite siding. With robust sound and visuals outdoors, you’re ready to embrace the warm Texas fall, surrounded by some football game action. And you never have to worry about your audio equipment sacrificing your design sensibilities.

Tunable Lighting Becomes More Mainstream

A recent CE Pro study revealed that 85% of integrators report they plan to be highly active in bringing lighting products to their customer base for the second half of 2019. Human-centric lighting proved a prevalent theme at this year’s CEDIA, with several distributors illuminating their booths to show off how this lighting could appear in a residential setting. We saw how lighting could dim with the quick press of a button to make a whole room darker while shades lower.

Wellness played a prominent role at CEDIA this year, and a designated home theater might double as a retreat if you think far enough outside the box. The room is already quiet and dark: Convert it into a wellness-centered space with the right lighting, some guided meditation playing through your speakers and some nature visuals pulled up on the TV.

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