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Smart Systems: Far More Than Just an A/V Contractor

Smart Systems: Far More Than Just an A/V Contractor

Find a Company that Can Take Care of All Your Technology Needs

How many times have you worked with an AV contractor as an interior designer or architect to help your clients make their dream homes a reality? How have you used these contractors in the past? Often, these companies stick strictly to audio video installations like dedicated theaters or whole-home audio.

At Smart Systems, we offer a lot more than your traditional AV company. Take advantage of a one-stop-shop for all your technology needs, including lighting, networking, smart home control and more. Our design-focused installations offer the ultimate combination of function and aesthetics for your clients. By dealing with only one company, you ensure powerful results without exceeding project timelines or budgets.

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Design & Control

Every interior designer knows the importance of lighting to a home's aesthetic. Our lighting experts help you choose the ideal fixtures and shades for your space. Then we'll integrate elegant keypads instead of switches and cords to manage them. Our partners offer these keypads in a variety of models, colors, and finishes to find the ideal solution to match your client’s style.

Let homeowners adjust dimness and color temperature to quickly highlight the space’s best features, enhance their well-being, and set the ideal environment for any occasion. They can make any necessary changes through their keypads, dedicated touchpads, or a mobile app.

Networking Infrastructure

Every home needs a strong networking foundation to keep all your connected devices functioning properly. Through enterprise-grade equipment and purposeful design, your clients can enjoy high-speed, robust signals in every corner of their homes. Offer them high broadband networks to stream their favorite content without any lag in quality. Boast secure networks protected by firewalls and encryption.

Home Automation

A recent study found 81 percent of buyers would be more likely to purchase a home if it included smart home products. Smart Systems helps you lay the foundation for home automation solutions that unites various smart devices under one umbrella. Using one app, your clients can manage lighting, entertainment, climate and security.

Outdoor Solutions

Unlock the full potential of your clients’ properties by expanding the technology to their outdoor spaces. Start by ensuring they get extensive network coverage in their patio, pools and backyards. We’ll add weatherproof TVs and speakers too, so they enjoy their favorite entertainment outside.

A thorough landscape lighting solution lets them feel safe and comfortable. Landscape lighting will also significantly improve the property’s curb appeal by showcasing the home’s architectural features and artfully crafted landscaping.

Our team completes all the wiring infrastructure for these solutions at the same time to protect your project timeline and budget while significantly improving your clients’ lifestyles.

Attract luxury clients with Smart Systems as your go-to home technology partner. Set up a consultation with one of our experts by calling (972) 488-5100, filling out our contact form, or chatting with us below.

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