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What Are the Best Speakers for Your Home?

What Are the Best Speakers for Your Home?

Complement Your Audio Video System With the Right Technology

There are many benefits to a professional home audio video system. One of them is getting a clean installation in your Houston, Texas home with wires hidden behind walls and source components tucked away in AV closets. Another perk is centralized control. We install integrated systems that give you access to your favorite music and movies from the smartphone, tablet or touchpad of your choice. What often gets lost in the mix is the integrator’s role as an advisor when it comes to your technology. You’re only going to get a top-notch system by using the best products available. In this blog, we'll talk specifically about the best speakers to use for your home audio video system.

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Bring Stylistic Sound to Every Room With Sonance

Sonance is best known for combining performance and style. All components are designed to blend seamlessly into your décor without sacrificing any of the sound quality. We’ll highlight two of their most popular lines in this blog: their Invisible and Landscape Series.
With most in-ceiling and in-wall speakers, you don’t really get invisible sound. A square or round grill, however camouflaged, will still be visible. Sonance’s Invisible Series masks the entirety of the speaker behind a sheet of drywall. This line is perfect for whole home music since it lets you bring sound to any room without having to worry about design or space limitations.

A benefit of a home audio video system is keeping vulnerable sources inside while using matrix switchers to transfer signals to weatherproof components outside. But weatherproof doesn’t have to mean bulky. The Sonance Landscape Series is designed to blend into your outdoor spaces by resembling landscape lighting fixtures. Through a professional installation, we ensure all speakers are installed correctly for uniform sound in your space.

Create Dedicated Spaces With Revel Sound Systems

If you’re a true audiophile, you’re going to want a dedicated listening room to enjoy to your favorite music. For outstanding quality at a great value, we recommend Revel’s high-resolution loudspeaker series: Ultima2. With low distortion across the spectrum combined with uncompressed dynamic range, the speakers offer pristine sound as stunning as their design.

Create the perfect escape with a two-channel system in an acoustically treated room to disappear into your favorite albums. With a variety of design, color and size options, we can help you find a speaker that perfectly complements your room’s style.

Revel uses the same innovative technology from its high-resolution loudspeakers in its Concerta2 home theater line. To give you the ultimate surround sound experience when watching your favorite movies, we place the speakers to the front, side and behind the listener. With elegant designs that match the quality of the sound, they'll be no need to hide these behind walls (though bookshelf speaker options are available for smaller installs).

Your home audio video system is only going to be as good as its individual components. Contact SES Design Group to work with a professional integrator that will find the technology which best matches your needs.

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