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What Architects Should Know About LED Lighting Fixtures

What Architects Should Know About LED Lighting Fixtures

How Human-Centric Lighting Helps Your Dallas-Area Clients

As an architect, you are probably well aware that your clients are looking for human-based lighting in their homes. This type of lighting covers many bases, from aesthetics to function. But did you know the full scope of benefits you could be selling clients when you discuss LED lighting fixtures with them, and how Smart Systems can help?

If you’re looking for a Dallas, TX-based technology integrator’s support to complement your architecture expertise, we at Smart Systems would love to work with you. After all, we both share the same ultimate goal – to exceed clients’ expectations. Keep reading to get an inside look at what clients want from their lighting and how Smart Systems can support architects throughout the process.

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Your clients will feel better throughout the day when they’re surrounded by full-spectrum lighting that aligns with their natural rhythms. As more research emerges that supports the benefits of tunable lighting, expect more prospects ready to explore it within their homes.

How does it work? Brilliant afternoon light with a blue tinge emits more caloric heat and measures the highest in Kelvins. For reference, broad daylight clocks in around 6500K, propelling us through the afternoon by providing that extra boost to counter sluggishness.

Conversely, warmer light, which produces less energy, measures around 2500K and helps with melatonin production. Whether they’re aware of it or not, many of your clients aren’t getting the lighting they need, but circadian lighting can fix that.

Let clients know that, with tunable lighting, improved health is well within reach: They can enjoy dim-to-warm light settings that mimic a sunset within their home, while blue-tinged, natural sunlight is one quick adjustment away. We even sell circadian solutions that react intuitively throughout the day to achieve the right lighting effect, without any input.

Design Benefits

Maybe your clients won’t understand why they feel tired around dim light during the day or antsy around cool lighting at night, but they’ll know that something about the aesthetics feels “off.” For example, bright, white light that we need in the afternoon just doesn’t look welcome in evening hours when your clients want to enjoy a cozy, relaxing home. Similarly, warm lighting feels too calming for clients to power through all their afternoon tasks.

Smart Systems can also demonstrate how lighting enhances certain architectural elements, like a high ceiling or an archway. You can also show clients how to illuminate their classical design taste with a candlelight-glow, or their postmodern sculpture with a blue highlight. Similarly, clients will want to know that integrated, LED lighting will eliminate their wall clutter. Too many switches mar the walls, but just one control pad keeps the focus on your architectural work.

Circadian and Regular LED Options

As the LED lighting market has made its way into more homes, architects can appeal to more clients, selling them on the long-term cost savings of LED lighting, its seamless control and minimal design impact.

Yes, circadian lighting is the flagship offering among lighting engineers that we partner with, but Smart Systems is also proud to offer low-voltage, white LED lighting that suits a broader scope of budgets. LED lighting technology has evolved so that now clients can purchase a high-quality, tunable-white LED light that will emit about 2700K, which translates as a soft, warm color as compared to the harsh white typical of LEDs. These lights can also dim as low as five percent.

How Smart Systems Can Help

Tunable lighting design is on the rise, and you want to answer your clients’ circadian lighting needs when they enlist your help. That’s why we recommend partnering with us at Smart Systems – an experienced integrator and lighting dealer – before you dig into your next project.

Ready to thoroughly impress your clients through superior lighting integration and design? We can assist you from concept to design to delivery. Contact us today at (972) 488-5100 or online through our contact page.

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