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Upgrade Your Custom Home Theater with Kaleidescape

Upgrade Your Custom Home Theater with Kaleidescape

Kaleidescape Merges Convenience and Quality to Enhance Your Entertainment

The proliferation of digital streaming services has made it easier than ever to access entertainment, but these also pose challenges for the most passionate movie buffs. Netflix’s selection of films is increasingly limited as the company’s contracts with studios change, and movies that are there one month might be gone the next. These streaming services also aren’t optimized for a custom home theater setup, and you don’t want to have to always rely on your internet connection.

How can you have the convenience of a streaming service while ensuring that all your favorite movies will be available when you need them with the highest audio and video quality? Kaleidescape is the answer; a forward-thinking home theater system that gives you access to an expansive digital store while allowing you to import your DVDs and Blu-Rays so they’re available at any time without a disc.

Kaleidescape complements its technical prowess with striking design and rich functionality, taking your custom home theater to the next level. Keep reading to find out how Kaleidescape can upgrade the entertainment value of your home in the Highland Park area.

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Import Your Existing Library

Cinephiles know that if they want to have guaranteed access to their favorite films, especially older, hard-to-find gems, they need to have a physical copy. But DVDs and Blu-Rays take up a lot of space, and scanning shelves or rummaging through drawers takes up time.

With Kaleidescape, you can import you physical copies into the Kaleidescape system, which will automatically fill in information and artwork so you get a streaming-style library of your personal collection.

Kaleidescape delivers 4K Ultra HD picture with no compression or buffering to make the most of your Blu-Ray films. There’s even the option of upgrading the resolution of DVDs so you’ll have a 4K picture on your TV or projector. 

Maximum Control

Kaleidescape offers multiple options for controlling the system. A backlit IR remote comes with every Kaleidescape player, and they offer a simplified child remote that allows kids to select, play, pause, stop, and favorite movies. (Don’t worry about them accidentally picking something outside their age range, there are parental controls for that.)

For those who prefer not to use a remote, the Kaleidescape app for iPad gives you full access to the movie library from any room in your home. When you're watching something on your TV or projector, you can use the app to browse and find new recommendations based on what you're currently viewing.

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An Intuitive, Enlightening Movie Guide

Kaleidescape’s library is also a guide, leading you to new movies you might enjoy based on the titles you’ve imported or purchased through the Kaleidescape store or a third-party UltraViolet digital movie retailer. Reviews from Common Sense Media and Rotten Tomatoes give you more insight into these recommendations, which are available for purchase with the push of a button.

Kaleidescape also guides you within your movie selection. Their team of movie experts singles out major scenes to give you rapid access to iconic moments. If your kids are obsessed to the same Disney song, it’s ready and waiting without needing you to fast forward through the movie to find it. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how a Kaleidescape system can upgrade your home theater, reach out to our experts servicing Highland Park and the rest of Dallas County. Schedule a consultation by calling (972) 488-5100 or filling out our online form.


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