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Turn Your TV from Muffled to Amazing

Turn Your TV from Muffled to Amazing

So many of us love the look and picture on our Smart TVs but hate the sounds. You spend $1000 plus on a TV, and you can neither hear the dialog nor enjoy the sound. What is going on, and what can you do about it?

The problem with slim TVs

The problem with super-slim TVs is super-slim speakers. To provide that slim, all-glass look, speakers are typically installed on the back of the TV, aiming into the wall instead of you, the viewer. The tiny speakers on a modern Samsung TV are often 10 watts in power only. While this may sound like a lot, if you have an average-sized room (about 12 feet) and listen at an average volume, you will likely need something like 50 watts of power for your speakers.

Two other things to consider.

Firstly, if you turn up your speakers to 11, they will distort the sound, so while you may only need 50 watts of sound, you should look for a system that produces at least double or triple that amount. Secondly, small speakers often cannot send sound out equally and access all frequencies. That means some sounds may be loud, and some may be quiet. Particularly bass notes, found in many action films, will often be hard to hear.

So, what can you do? Well, there is a good, better, and best solution —depending on how you want your sound to look.

A Good Solution

The first and simplest of solutions is to buy a sound bar and place it in front of your TV. These soundbars can range from $100 to many thousand, and you get what you pay for. For your Samsung TV, you can get by a simple stereo sound bar for about $90 or their high-end home theater soundbar for $1000. These will sit on a table or can be mounted to the wall under your TV.

Of course, you can get better sound from better speakers. At BRAVAS, we would recommend either Sonance or Origin Acoustics soundbars. Both can have sub-woofers added to enhance those bass notes you want to feel during the next Avengers movie! Also, they can be tailored to fit the size and space of your living space. The best part, both will significantly enhance your ability to understand the dialog and to be immersed in the shows you are watching instead of straining to hear. On top of that, they will do so at a lower volume, meaning less noise being pumped into your home.

But these are still big and obvious to look at. How can we make them more attractive?

A Better Solution

So why do soundbars have to stick out and be obvious? Well, they don’t. Working with companies like James Loudspeakers, we can disguise those sound bars to look like they are almost invisible. Check out this photo. Can you see the soundbar?


Photo Provided by James Loudspeaker

James and other suppliers can customize your soundbar and build you a bespoke system to perfectly match your home. Show us your wall, and we can design a speaker solution to fit. If that still looks too intrusive for you, there is one more option you can choose.

The Best Solution 

Better than disguised speakers would be completely invisible speakers. All the great sound and none of the visual impact. Today, working with our partners, we can install speakers BEHIND your paint, wallpaper, or even wood veneers while still providing incredible sound.


Video Footage by Sonance

We could show you pictures of rooms with them installed, but it doesn't make much sense, because you can't see them! But we promise you, if you were in the room, you would hear them. Let us know if you would like to experience this for yourself, and we can set up a demonstration.

Let us help you 

The latest TVs, like the Samsung FrameTV, can become artwork at the touch of a button. That means when you are not watching them; they don't look like a giant black hole on your wall. But their sound is poor and needs improving. Working together, we can make the sound look as good as the picture - enhancing your experience, whether you are watching the TV or not.

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