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Top Benefits of Motorized Shades for Your Daily Lifestyle

Top Benefits of Motorized Shades for Your Daily Lifestyle

How This Solution Stands Above Standard Window Treatments

Homeowners tend to overlook motorized shades when it comes to their smart home setup. But Automated shading can do so much more for your home than you might initially have thought!

However, you might wonder what makes motorized window treatments stand apart and above standard ones. Do they really offer that many more benefits? In this blog, we’ll show you how this smart solution can bring so much to your lifestyle in your Oklahoma City, OK home in a variety of ways.

Want to find out more? Just read on below.

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Added Convenience and Comfort

Motorized shades make it possible to manage every window treatment in your home – not just the easily accessed ones. If you have large windows or ones that reach up to the ceiling, it can be a pain to reach them just so that you can keep the sun from causing a glare on your TV screen or if it’s getting the room too heated.

With automated shading, you can simply press a button on your preferred smart device – from smartphones and remotes to tablets and wall keypads – and have shades lower or raise anywhere in your home throughout the day and evening. You can even set “scenes” that have your shades operate according to certain situations or scheduled for specific hours of the day.

Have photosensor additionally installed so they can detect where the sun is in the sky at any point, ensuring your interiors are shielded from intense sunlight and UV rays. Your shades can lower on and off automatically from hour to hour, depending on how sunny of a day it is.

Strengthened Home Security

When you leave your home for any amount of time, it can be a bit nerve-wracking. Unoccupied homes can come off as a target to potential burglars – they’ll see it as an opportunity and attempt to break in while you’re away at work or on a longer vacation.

But with integrated lighting control and your smart shading, you can fool any robbers from even considering your house. Set your system to an “Away” scene before you leave, and this will have your shades and lighting fixtures operate as they normally would, infrequently throughout the day – as if you were home. This mimicry of your regular routine and day will trick burglars and steer them away. It’s added peace of mind while utilizing smart features you already have.

Improve Your Interior Design

Installing motorized shades doesn’t mean that you’re bringing a bland smart technology to your living space. In fact, automated shades come in a variety of colors and patterns. You can choose different styles and materials to fit the aesthetics and existing décor of different rooms.

Our team of experts recommends choosing top-notch automated shades from QMotion or window treatments from Crestron that make integrating the rest of your smart home features into one centralized system a breeze. You won’t be limited to any single type of shade; you can customize and make your shading your own completely. That’s the power and benefits of motorized shades versus what standard ones can provide.

Want to learn more about why motorized window treatments are the best choice for your home? Give our team at Audio Dimensions a call or fill out our online contact form here. We’d love to hear from you!

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