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Top 3 Coolest Landscape Lighting Products

Top 3 Coolest Landscape Lighting Products

Most people probably don’t think of landscape lights when they think of things that are “cool”, but this category has seen incredible improvement in the last few years. Below are some of the most unique landscape lighting products that we have seen to illuminate your yard.

1. WAC Colorscaping

While most people are probably interested in beautiful, warm white light for their landscapes, some people are looking for more. Colorscaping, from WAC Lighting, is a full RGBW landscape light system, meaning that it has 30,000 color options...including white. With smart controls, linear dimming, and dozens of fixture options Colorscaping can bring class or excitement to any yard. If you want to cheer for your alma mater or celebrate the holidays with light, look no further than WAC Lighting Colorscaping.

WAC Colorscaping

2. The Coastal Connector

If you have owned a cheap landscape lighting system, you have probably struggled with an unreliable mix of poorly built fixtures and poorly made connections. If you want landscape lights that work reliably in ANY conditions, you want Coastal Source. The heart of the Coastal Source system is the Coastal Connector, a patented system for wiring landscape lights AND audio. The Coastal Connector is a durable and waterproof system that greatly increases reliability and makes installing an outdoor lighting system easier. On top of the Coastal Connector, Coastal Source builds a robust fixture that can survive harsh climates, salt water, and even the landscapers. Last but not least, the Coastal Connector also works for Coastal Source landscape audio systems, allowing homeowners to have music anywhere in their yard without worries about long-term reliability.

3. Episode Radiance

If you are thinking about adding landscape lighting to your yard AND you want to add audio as well, the Episode Radiance might be for you. The Episode Radiance system consists of cylindrical speakers and lights that can be installed together or separately. They can also be staked in your yard, mounted on a hard floor, installed as wall sconces, or even hung as pendants. If you want a unique solution for your yard, Radiance could be exactly what you desire.

Episode Radiance (image provided by SnapOne)

Whatever your needs, BRAVAS can design a system for your home. Indoors or out, we have the expertise to make your home a better place to live, work and play. Contact your local BRAVAS office to find out how we can illuminate your outdoor oasis.

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