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Tips for Installing a Whole Home Audio System

Tips for Installing a Whole Home Audio System

How Bowers & Wilkins Can Make Your New Jersey Home Sound Great

What makes a whole home audio system sound great? There are plenty of factors to consider, but the first step is usually picking out quality speaker components. And relying on one of Britain’s best, Bowers & Wilkins, can make the process even more enticing. Not only has Bowers & Wilkins proved time and again that they are one of the most sought-after brands for professional recording artists throughout the world, they provide some of the best audio equipment for your home listening experience. If you’re a dedicated audiophile in the Moorestown, New Jersey area, or you simply want the best quality sound throughout your home, this blog will take you through the benefits of Bowers & Wilkins speakers.

Design a Dedicated Listening Room

True audiophiles know that the only way to experience the real power of music is in a dedicated listening room. It’s a space tailored to achieve the highest quality sound, and one of the best ways to do that is with high-fidelity Bowers & Wilkins speakers.

Take for instance the DS3 – the latest offering in the Bowers & Wilkins dynamic 800 Series. For these speakers, the esteemed company completely overhauled their legendary speaker design and started completely fresh. Early reports claim that they are even better than their previous models.

They’ve abandoned nearly everything from the well-regarded DS2. Entirely redesigned tweeters – the part that hits those high frequencies – create a level of detail you’ve never heard before. New cabinets made from metal reinforced plywood creates a fuller sound with minimized reflection. The results: a speaker that gives sound enough room to move without sounding hollow or stressed. It’s as if you’re sitting in the recording studio with the artist as they lay down the track.

Let the Sound Follow You Throughout Your Home

Of course, the real benefit of a whole home music system is that you can achieve a similar audio fidelity in the spaces that aren’t dedicated to your listening pleasure. Bowers & Wilkins knows that sometimes we want to hear the music, but we don’t have the space or the inclination to see speakers in every room.

That’s why they’ve nearly perfected the in-wall and in-ceiling speaker with the CCM632. While the name may not exactly roll off the tongue, these speakers are by far some of the best-sounding components you’ll never see.

They’ve solved one of the most common problems when installing speakers: they simply can’t drop that bass without affecting the sound. But the CCM632 features a full-range 75mm driver, which means you get full, deep bass without distorting the sound quality. So you might not see these speakers very much, but you can bet you’ll be feeling them.

We love designing whole home audio systems for our clients in Moorestown and we’d like to be part of your project. Contact us today to take the first steps in getting the best sound out of your home music

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