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The Ultimate Media Room Accessory – an LED Video Wall

The Ultimate Media Room Accessory – an LED Video Wall

There is no experience in the home quite as impressive as a dedicated theater with a larger-than-life projector. Similarly, a beautifully hung TV serves as a finishing touch in a family room. But when it comes to spaces like media rooms, the decision isn’t so simple. Homeowners have always had to choose between a bright image or a large image. Those that wanted both were able to combine multiple televisions into a video wall, but then they were punished with lines through the middle of their image where the TVs abutted each other. For the homeowner looking to build the ultimate luxury media room, the perfect option finally does exist. 

The direct-view LED video wall, once used only for large outdoor billboards, is now a reality for the home. Residential video walls combine the bright, vivid, image from an OLED or LED TV, with the nearly limitless size options of a projector. Currently, there are Direct view LED (DVLED) options ranging from under 100” to a MASSIVE 325”. To put it into perspective, that is both wider AND taller than an average two-car garage. Most homes don’t have a wall large enough for that…but these aren’t designed for most homes.

An LED video wall, like the Samsung WALL, is different from a traditional TV in that the individual elements, in this case LEDs, used to create the picture are viewed directly. The density of those LEDs is known as the pixel pitch, and the more dense the pixels the better the image. Many of these panels use LEDs so dense and small that they are referred to as MicroLEDs. The 325” LG DVLED video wall features an astonishing 33 million individual MicroLEDs to create the massive 8k image.

Above: Samsung Wall (Image: Samsung)

So, how do you know if a LED video wall is for you? If you are creating an entertaining space where you desire no compromises, this is probably the best option for you. A MicroLED video wall can be as sharp as an 8k television, looks bright from almost any angle, can be easily viewed from across a room, and can be used like one TV, or multiple TVs at the same time. If you are willing to budget for a MicroLED TV, you won’t be making any compromises. If you truly want to wow your friends, consider the CSEED N1, a piece of minimalist art that unfolds to reveal a massive MicroLED display. (See it in action in the video below.) 

If you are considering building or updating your media room, or any other space in your home, please contact BRAVAS Philadelphia today. Our local experts will help you create a home that is an ideal place to live, work, and play.

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