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The Top Technologies of CEDIA Expo 2018

The Top Technologies of CEDIA Expo 2018

Discover the Latest Innovations for Your Home Automation System

The annual CEDIA Expo is where custom electronics manufacturers showcase their hottest new products, giving our team the opportunity to gain firsthand experience with the technology that is transforming residential and commercial spaces. Smart Systems partners Elan and Sony all brought their A-game for this year’s CEDIA Expo in San Diego, presenting compelling new advancements for your home automation system or high-performance audio and video setup. And we were there to experience it all.

Read on to learn about how each of these companies is creating products that can add convenience, beauty, and security to your Fort Worth-area home.  

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Video over IP was a major point of conversation at CEDIA Expo, and with so many different smart devices on the market, we are always looking for new ways to consolidate technology without sacrificing performance. You don’t need a Blu-Ray player or a cable box in every room to access those devices, and video over IP, specifically HDMI over IP, allows you to send video signals throughout your home from various sources nestled away in a centralized location.

Elan also debuted some exciting new products for home security, including nine new smart dome cameras with advanced motion detection capabilities. AI-based human detection cuts down on false positives for security alerts, and similar technology goes into Elan’s new intelligent video doorbell, which allows you to answer your door from your phone.


One of the most breathtaking technologies at CEDIA Expo was Sony’s 21ft. by 9ft. Crystal LED screen, a giant modular display that delivers ultra-high-definition and even 8K-resolution picture. The visual quality is thanks to Sony’s ultrafine LEDs, which are the size of a grain of flour (so small they can’t be seen by the naked eye). The display also has dramatically deeper blacks compared to other giant modular displays with a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1, matching the performance of their best evaluation monitors.

Sony also had their Master Series televisions on display, products that mimic the reference monitors used by production studios. The creators of movies and TV shows go to great lengths to make sure color, contrast, and clarity are correct when the works are mastered in the studio, and Sony’s Master Series has similar mastering software. A lot of viewing happens on Netflix now, and thanks to Sony’s partnership with Netflix, this TV has a Netflix Calibrated Mode that makes your streaming entertainment look even sharper. 

Want to learn more about adding these technologies to your Fort Worth home automation system? Interested in learning more about our favorites from this year’s CEDIA Expo?

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