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The Music Sources You Can Include in a Whole-Home Audio System

The Music Sources You Can Include in a Whole-Home Audio System

Whole-Home Audio Isn’t Just for Streaming. Find Out More Here.

There’s nothing better than being able to listen to your favorite tunes on command in any area of your Washington, D.C. home. That’s the luxury that whole home audio provides for you and your family.

But do you know everything you can do with your multi-room audio system? And the variety of music sources available to you with your system? In this blog, we’ll dive into the multiple ways you can listen to your music and how easy your home audio system makes it for you to enjoy your favorite tunes.

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A Look into Whole-Home Audio

Installing a multi-room audio system makes it beyond easy to enjoy your songs and albums in any part of your house, at any time. Simply install speakers where ever you want to enjoy your music. Some wireless multi-room speakers require minimal installation effort; other systems, including ones with in-wall or in-ceiling speakers, could require the help of a professional.

Using a smart device of your choice, whether it be a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, you can just simply press a button and manage your entire music system. Turn the system on and off entirely, select which speakers you want to play from, adjust the volume, and switch between songs and whole playlists with ease. That’s the beauty of whole home audio – your music is entirely in your control.

This smart technology has many advantages for any type of occasion.  You can utilize it for parties, events, or even for if you’re just hanging out with friends and family at your place. You can create the ultimate environment and atmosphere for any kind of situation. This solution makes your music and media more accessible than ever.

Play Music from a Variety of Sources

The best part of your whole-home audio system is that you don’t have to use just one music source to play whatever song you want. You have a multitude of options.

One of the most popular music sources for multi-room audio is streaming services. Several multi-room audio providers, including our preferred providers of Sonos and Savant, offer built-in streaming support for services such as Spotify, Pandora, and TIDAL. Through the Sonos or Savant app, you can browse through a nearly infinite selection of songs and albums. You can play DJ or hand off your smart device to a guest so they too can pick a playlist for everyone to enjoy.

But whole-home audio isn’t only for music streaming. In fact, you can connect any audio source to your setup – from your TVs to your favorite CD player or even your record player.

Want to learn even more about whole-home audio for your Washington, D.C. living space or would like help in connecting all of your music sources to your home’s multi-room sound system?

Feel free to chat live with us below or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. Our team would love to hear from you!

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