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The Best Media Setup for Your Dedicated Home Theater

The Best Media Setup for Your Dedicated Home Theater

Kaleidescape can Take Your Movie Experience to the Next Level

A dedicated home theater is about more than simply watching the newest blockbuster. It’s about the feeling of walking into the theater, relaxing in your seat, and being transported to another world. One thing that often gets in the way of that goal is an inefficient media setup. 

Yes, you’ve got all the theater equipment, but you still have to take time before watching the movie to sift through your Blu-ray collection or browse through Netflix, hoping that a good show has been added. It takes away from the magic of the movie-watching experience.

It’s a common problem faced by many homeowners throughout the Southlake, Texas area. But back in 2001, when faced with that same problem, a man named Michael Malcolm decided to fix it. He wanted a better cinematic experience in his home theater, so he and several other entrepreneurs developed a company called Kaleidescape.

How Kaleidescape Works

Kaleidescape is a movie server, online movie store, and DVD/Blu-ray player all in one. The home theater company provides a series of devices that read discs and either play them as is or store them on a local movie server.

Let’s start with the movie server aspect. If you’re one of the many people who has built up an impressive collection of DVDs or Blu-rays, you’re probably hesitant to throw them all out and start from scratch with streaming services or digital downloads (especially if those streaming services don’t have your full movie collection available). At the same time, who wants to store hundreds of physical DVDs?

Kaleidescape makes it possible to rip all of those discs and store them digitally on the movie server’s hard drive. You get the ease and convenience of pulling them up on the screen just like a streaming service without having to replace your entire collection.


Now, the big problem with this solution is that many of the discs in your collection are probably in standard definition. With a 4K Ultra HD setup in your dedicated home theater, watching standard definition movies would be such a waste. Kaleidescape has you covered on this aspect too. They allow you to pay a small fee to upgrade any of your existing movies or TV shows to 4K resolution.

Okay, but what about moving forward with new releases? No need to buy physical copies and run them through Kaleidescape’s digital converter. Instead, head over to their movie store. You can get the latest films and movies in Ultra HD at the push of a button.

Whether you’re building a new dedicated home theater in Southlake or seeking an upgrade to your existing system in Fort Worth, we highly recommend adding Kaleidescape to your setup. If you’re interested in this better approach to media management, please call us at (972) 488-5100 or fill out this quick contact form.

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