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The Best Hidden Technologies for Home Theater Design

The Best Hidden Technologies for Home Theater Design

Add Dramatic Effect and Enhance Your Theater’s Aesthetics

If you’re adding a home theater to your property, you have many things to consider.

Not only might you strive for a high-performing cinematic experience, but you also might desire a theater that features a stunning design and wows guests every time they enter the room.

We love working with Dallas-area homeowners to combine high-end cinematic technology with innovative and attractive home theater design.

One of the best ways you can achieve this within your own home cinema is through hidden technology.

Below, we explore three technology concealment methods that can elevate the design of your home cinema and enhance the experience for both you and your guests.

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Motorized Drapery

Imagine walking into your home theater with guests as instantly the lights dim and a set of linear lights turn on to showcase an elegant set of drapery concealing your cinema’s projection screen.

As you and your guests take a seat, you open an application on your smartphone and tap a button on your screen. Instantly, your drapes soundlessly and automatically separate, revealing your expansive projection screen.

It’s the ultimate way to make an impression as you get set to watch your favorite movie on the big screen. And it’s entirely possible for your home cinema.

Our team at Smart Systems proudly partners with Lutron to deliver motorized drapery systems for home theaters throughout the Metroplex area.

Lutron’s motorized drapery systems are some of the best in the industry, with one-touch and even automated control allowing you to elegantly reveal your screen every time you sit down to watch a movie.

You can even feature the industry’s first motorized vertical drapery system – allowing for the curtain to rise to reveal the big screen in your home theater system.

In-Wall and In-Ceiling Speakers

One of the best aspects of hidden home theater technology is that it still can deliver high-end performance without sacrificing the design of your cinema.

Consider our in-wall and in-ceiling speaker solutions, for example.

We install these speakers within the drywall, flush with the walls of your cinema. We can then paint over the speaker with the color of your surrounding wall or ceiling, perfectly hiding them from plain sight.

When you and your guests walk into your theater, it will appear as if there are no speakers. Instead, you will feature an interior design that perfect for any home cinema.

But when you turn on your favorite movie, you will experience the film’s audio in a true surround sound format. Best of all, placing speakers in the ceiling or walls won’t negatively affect sound quality.

It’s a win-win: You enhance your home theater design, and you still get to experience an immersive listening experience.

Motorized Projection Screens

Much like a home cinema drapery system, motorized projection screens add a dramatic effect to the beginning of any theater experience.

You can sit back and watch as with the press of a button your projection screen elegantly goes from hidden from view to ready to showcase your favorite film in 4K UHD.

But motorized projection screens also are the perfect choice for home theaters in more casual viewing environments – such as media rooms or living rooms.

While you aren’t watching a film, your screen can stay hidden from view and impossible to cause any distractions. This is especially important if your theater system is in a well-traveled space within your home.

Then, whenever you’re ready to watch, you can lower your screen with ease – as, within moments, it will come into view.

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