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The Benefits of Lighting Control for Your Business

The Benefits of Lighting Control for Your Business

Improve your bottom line by using less energy and increasing employee productivity

If you’re looking for an easy way to improve your business’ bottom line without spending a lot of money, a good place to start is the lights in your workplace.

You may not think there is a lot you can change about the lighting in your office, but commercial automation technology has given business owners some incredible tools to reshape their workplace without breaking the bank. New devices and systems make increasing your energy efficiency a quick and easy process, and those same systems can make your office a more pleasant place to be while giving your employees a productivity boost.

Intrigued? Read on to see all the ways commercial lighting can benefit your Oklahoma City business.


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Commercial lighting systems not only cut down on the amount of energy your business uses, but also helps you get the most from the energy you are using.

To start, automated lighting systems use motion sensors and other devices to make sure the only areas of your building that are being lit are the spots where people are actually working. This sort of energy waste is one of the biggest inefficiencies many businesses face when it comes to controlling their utility costs, and it’s an easy fix using commercial lighting control.

Another tool you can employ using commercial lighting systems is preset schedules. By setting up predetermined times when all your lights or certain fixtures turn on or off, you can make sure nobody in your office wastes electricity by accidentally leaving a light on overnight. It may not seem like much, but over time these small efficiency increases will add up to significant savings.

Finally, because most automated lighting systems use dimmers instead of simple on/off switches, you can better control the lighting levels throughout your office to make sure you’re only using the energy you truly need. Especially if your workspace has lots of windows, you may not need every light fixture at full blast throughout the workday to provide adequate lighting. And if you install motorized shades, you can combine the two systems to make the most use out of the available light that strikes your building. 


Most of the lights in your office aren’t there to benefit you, the business owner; they’re there so your employees can do their jobs.

That said, the bland fluorescent lighting found in most workplaces is not very conducive to creating a motivated workforce. But with commercial lighting systems, you can make your workers happier while saving some money as well.

The first way this works is by giving your employees more control over the lighting in their workspaces. Because many offices tend to be overlit, giving employees more control not only lets them set the light level that’s most comfortable for them, the resulting energy savings gets passed right on to you.

You can also use your lighting fixtures to gives your employees an energy boost. Research has shown that we all work better when our work schedule lines up with our natural circadian rhythm, and lighting controls can help make that happen. Instead of uniform lighting throughout your office at all times, you can start with a warmer, less intense light level at the beginning of the day, shift to a cooler tone around midday and then ease things up heading into the evening. As we mentioned above, motorized shades can also help with this.

Taken together, all these little ways commercial lighting controls help save you combine into a significant technology and efficiency upgrade. To learn more, call Audio Dimensions at (405) 752-1115 or visit our website.

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