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The Amazing Innovations We Saw at CEDIA 2018

The Amazing Innovations We Saw at CEDIA 2018

Energy Automation, Tunable Lighting, and Even More Voice Control

Today’s technology is smarter than ever. From the phone in your pocket to the thermostat on the wall, we’re able to connect to everything and access all kinds of information with just the touch of a button.

And at this year’s CEDIA, technology took a major leap into the future.

Whether you’re interested in managing energy in your home, finding the right lighting for any occasion, or simply using your voice to get the most out of your system, new technology will help you achieve your goals.

What were the most innovative tech trends we saw this year? Find out by reading below!


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Energy Automation

Energy management is a huge reason many homeowners adopt smart automation, but sonnen’s showing at this year’s CEDIA may just be a game changer.

They’ve unveiled a brand-new concept: energy automation.

Their ecoLinx smart energy management system promises a whole new level of hands-free control for your smart home. Not only does it keep track of each device’s power load, it automatically adjusts the power usage based on factors like time of day and weather events.

The ecoLinx also uses a combination of solar and grid power to store energy to use in case of power outages. And it keeps track of potentially threatening weather systems so you can make preparations days in advance by re-routing power from your most-used devices to store in the backup battery.

This amazing technology helps you conserve energy and ensures you’re never out of power.


Tunable Lighting

Smart lighting is a great addition to any home. Not only is it an integral part of interior design, but it’s also used to keep you safe and comfortable throughout your day.

It sometimes seems like light can’t get much smarter than it already is – but Lutron’s purchase of Ketra is bound to change that.

You see, Ketra is a manufacturer that focuses on tunable lighting – or adjustable color temperature settings that reflect your natural circadian rhythms. In other words, it’s artificial lighting that feels natural.

Circadian rhythms are your body’s way of reacting to light. When the sun’s out, you’re at your most active; as it sets toward the evening, the light changes to get you ready for bed.

Artificial light has impacted these natural reactions – most notably by causing us to lose sleep. Tunable lighting changes all that by allowing users to adjust the color temperature of the light with the touch of a button. And you can set timers to slowly adjust the light throughout the day, helping you stay rested at night and active during the day.


Voice Control

At this point, voice control may seem a bit passé. From Amazon Alexa to Google Assistant, to Apple’s Siri, there’s plenty of options available. But this year’s CEDIA unveiled a couple of new contenders in the VC ring.

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Home smart speaker. The speaker is unique in that it allows for smart directional audio options. Featuring six drivers placed around the device, it can fire in any direction based on your command.

Crestron also stepped even deeper into the VC pool by announcing compatibility with is a high-end voice control system specifically designed for smart home control. The new partnership with Crestron could be just what it takes to bring it to the next level.


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