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Take Control of Both the Natural and Artificial Light in Your Home with Solutions from Lutron

SES Design Group is Your Lighting Control Experts in the Houston Area

Light affects the way you feel and the way things look around you. With Lutron solutions you can utilize light to save energy, enhance comfort and convenience, increase productivity, and improve safety and security. As your needs change throughout the day, your home should adapt. Whether you are reading a book or watching television, Lutron provides access to light control to support whatever activity you are doing.

Lighting Solutions

Reduce energy costs with dimmers, timers, and sensors while creating an inviting and comfortable living space.

With a dimmer, you save energy every time you use the lights. Dimming also helps to create a specific mood and transforms a room. Whether you are entertaining guests, relaxing with the family, or watching a movie, Lutron has a light solution to meet your needs.

Timers automatically turns off lights or fans and help save you money. Timers attached to your garage lights can add an extra layer of safety when you return home at night. Save energy by using timers in closets, attics, basements and other areas with low-traffic to ensure lights are not left on.

With Lutron sensors, lights automatically turn on when you enter a room and switch off when you leave. They add a level of convenience for the spaces you often enter with your hands full, such as a laundry room or supply closet.

Lutron offers an array of styles, colors, and control options when it comes to dimmers and switches. Multiple designs provide functionality for ambiance, convenience, and security. Your energy-saving efforts may qualify for federal and state rebates, as well as incentives from your utility company.

Shade System Solutions

Making the most of the daylight that enters our homes helps reduce the need for electricity and in turn reduces our impact on the environment. Whether you open the shades to take advantage of sunlight to warm your home or lower the shades to block out solar heat gain, a shade system helps save additional energy.

Lutron shades also prevent glare on computer and television screens and protect furniture and fine décor from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Motorized shading and drapery increase privacy and provide the ability to change daytime into nighttime for restful sleep with the press of a button. Shading systems can be controlled with a keypad, remote control, wireless tabletop control, or set to adjust automatically based on the time of day. From stylish control options to numerous fabric choices, you’ll be sure to find the right solution that compliments your décor.

SES Design Group is ready to show you the different options available, whether it’s remote controlled shades or programmed lighting options. Give us a call to learn more about the power of lighting control with Lutron.

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