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Stream Music in Any Room with a Home AV System

Stream Music in Any Room with a Home AV System

Listen to Tunes like Never Before with Home Audio throughout Your Property

Imagine walking throughout your home and having your favorite tunes follow you every step you take – from room to room.  With a home audio system, you can listen to lossless, high-quality music in every part of your Dallas, TX house.  Stream a new album or that catchy track wherever you want, with complete control.  Read on to learn more about how an integrated AV system can make it super simple to enjoy music whenever, wherever.

The Secret to Multi-Room Music: Audio Distribution 

One of the key challenges of a multi-room music system is that you have to have separate audio components in each area, and that means controlling them all individually. It’s a hassle, and it doesn’t achieve the seamless, effortless music you want.

The solution is an AV distribution system by ELAN or Control4.  This technology can keep every source and device stored in a closet or storage room, out of sight and out of mind.  The equipment will be directly linked with your speakers in every room and corner, but you won’t have to deal with any clutter.  You can even hide your speakers within the walls or ceiling, or choose to showcase them as floor standing or bookshelf speakers.

And best of all, the distribution system links all of your audio components together so that you can manage everything from one centralized platform.


Is Wireless Essential?

Wireless may sound simpler and less disorganized.  Though it may seem that wireless can better distribute audio to other sources with the same high-quality sound, this is not quite the case.  Depending on your home, a wireless system may not be as reliable as a hardwired system. Wireless can reduce the clutter of cables and open up more places to position your speakers, but it’s important not to sacrifice performance. The best approach is to have an audio expert assess your space and make recommendations on which aspects of your home audio system to hardwire and which ones to connect wirelessly.

Distributing a Hardwired System

Even though wireless seems like it would stream music much more easily throughout your home, a hardwired system can do the job just as well and more reliably.  With the right cables, you’ll be hearing flawless music in any room you desire.

Lossless audio has large files, and if you choose to stream something other than audio, then fiber-optic cabling is the key.  These cables can send digital signals throughout expansive living spaces and will make sure there aren’t any hiccups or lags involved.  You’ll hear every bit of vital information and every note of your music when you listen, without worrying you might miss something.

A home audio video system can change the way you stream your favorite music.  Learn more by contacting us at (972) 488-5100 or online through our contact page.

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