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Spectrum Technology Integrators Offers 5 Benefits of Ultra-Quiet and Wireless Shading Solutions

Spectrum Technology Integrators Offers 5 Benefits of Ultra-Quiet and Wireless Shading Solutions

The Benefits of Automated Shades Hit a High-Tech Home Run

Privacy. Convenience. Comfort. There are a number of reasons to incorporate motorized shades into your home. Spectrum Technology Integrators can provide your home with various configurations of automated window treatments – from Crestron’s virtually silent shades to wire-free shades from Lutron and Somfy – customizing your home to perfectly fit your lifestyle.

Crestron’s ultra-quiet shades bring the luxury of total relaxation to your fingertips, with the elegance of incomparable quietness. Window coverings set on timers or configured with sun sensors operate with precise, near-silent control automatically rising without causing noisy interruptions.

Perfect for retrofit projects, wireless and remote shading solutions install easily into existing homes without running any new wires or drilling holes in the walls. With a simple install, this exciting décor feature can add to the ambiance and comfort of your home.

What are some of the other benefits of motorized shades?

Protect Your Privacy

Hard to reach windows? No problem. Using a handheld remote or a smartphone, the shades, on even the tallest windows, can be easily lowered without even moving. Whether drawing a bath or nursing the baby, automated shades eliminate the need to get up and close the blinds during inconvenient times.

Stay Cool All Summer Long

During the summer, especially in South Florida, the heat can overwhelm your home, causing the AC to work overtime and never truly cool the space. Shades protect your home from the sun’s harsh rays, help keep rooms cooler, and prevent your furniture from being damaged by UV rays.

Bathe in the Beauty of Ambient Light

Remote controlled shades offer the ultimate in convenience paired with cutting edge technology. Via physical controls in a room or by using a smartphone anywhere in the world, you can effortlessly filter the amount of daylight flowing into your home, creating the ultimate scene. If you are interested in complete lighting control for your entire home, a combination of shading products and dimmers can help you manage your daylight and your electric bill.

Augment Your Decor

During the install, we can replace your old pull-chord shades with automated shades, including a number of options that don’t require running a single wire. Shades are precisely designed and installed to move at the exact same speed for a clean and unified look, inside and outside your home.

Increase Your Property Value

Battery-operated and low-voltage shades are a low-maintenance and reliable high-tech addition to your home, making them a great investment. Shades operate on radio frequencies ensuring flawless operation without line-of-sight communication, bringing reliable value to your space without major renovations.

Spectrum installs and services the top manufacturers of automated shades including Crestron, Lutron and Somfy. Start with a single room or a few rooms, and expand the system to cover your entire home when you’re ready.

And if you are constructing a new home anywhere from Deerfield to West Palm Beach, the team at Spectrum can integrate lighting control into your home’s existing electrical wiring as well. If you want to learn more about remote shading control or other smart home solutions, contact Spectrum Technology Integrators today!

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