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Spectrum has Your Solutions for Outdoor Tech

Spectrum has Your Solutions for Outdoor Tech

Remake your backyard and patio into a weatherproof retreat

If you were hosting a family reunion or company event at your home, would you be ready for the overflow of guests onto your property outside? Would you be able to provide ambient music through landscape speakers, keep them up-to-date on the game with an outdoor television, or even offer controlled lighting to set the mood while accenting your architecture? If not, Spectrum Technology Integrators can help!

There’s a variety of weather-resistant audio and video gear that lets you enjoy the same entertainment experience outdoors as you do inside, and Spectrum wants to help you create the ultimate outdoor experience for you and your family. Solutions include:


The Full Spectrum on Quality and Safety

One of the most common components of an outside entertainment system is high performance audio (driven by a quality amplifier). Many people make the mistake of tucking an amplifier under a wet bar or hiding it in an outbuilding, but that’s no real protection from the elements. Your outdoor tech, including amplifier, has to withstand everyday weather conditions so you don’t end up with blown speakers or even an electrocution. Investing in a quality amp built for outdoor use, guarantees great sound and safety.

We partner with such renowned manufacturers as James Loudspeakers, providing robust coverage of smaller areas or patios while offering the kind of audio performance never before achieved with basic outdoor speakers.

Television Designed for Open Air

Truly great outside home entertainment venues include a hi-def television, and it’s worth the investment to incorporate one that’s been built specifically to withstand the elements. A cheap TV enclosed in a waterproof case is not designed for outdoor use and could prove unsafe. Spectrum will help you select a TV that is built for inclement weather and will provide an outstanding picture.

While having an HDTV in your backyard is essential for entertaining or summer lounging, what’s the use in having a weatherproof TV if your other AV essentials are not? Instead of running wires for all of those various components inside, Spectrum works with companies like SunBriteTV, a respected industry resource that just started shipping a universal outdoor transmitter module called the SunBriteTV Wireless HD Transceiver.

Putting You in Complete Control

One of the most important pieces of equipment you can add to your outdoor entertainment system is a quality, universal remote. Who wants to have to get out of the pool to change the station, leave the dinner party to turn up the volume or juggle eight different controls for one simple operation? With such a wide range of weatherproof and even floatable remotes on the market, you’ll never have to.

Outdoor entertainment can be an unforgettable experience. It can also be a dangerous one if you don’t have the proper equipment installed by proven professionals. We’ll make sure everything you choose – speakers, flat-panel TVs, remotes, movie screens and more – can withstand all weather conditions in your environment. We’ll also ensure everything is properly installed and optimized for outdoors use, providing you the safest, highest-quality “Spectrum Experience.”

We’re going to continue to produce informative articles to demonstrate the benefits of custom technology integration in general and Spectrum Technology Integrators specifically. But don’t wait for us!

If you know someone considering a home upgrade, be sure to spread the word!

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