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Simplify Your Conference Room System with Crestron

Simplify Your Conference Room System with Crestron

Make Every Meeting and Presentation Run Smoothly in Your Boardroom

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as having everything ready for a presentation or important meeting in your boardroom, and then suddenly facing a technical glitch that derails your whole flow.

Unreliable technology combined with endless remotes and hard-to-use equipment can only lead to delays and interruptions in your company’s efficiency and production. That’s why a Crestron commercial AV system is essential for your Little Rock, AR business’ growth and success.

Want to learn more about what commercial AV can do for your conference room system? Keep reading on below.

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Flexible Solutions

The best part about a Crestron system is that it is adaptable for any sized boardroom or setting. With Crestron Flex solutions, you can comfortably accommodate any space and any number of people.

Want to incorporate your AV solutions into a huddle room for a brainstorm session or a large conference room that seats dozens of employees? Crestron Flex makes it possible. With smart handheld devices and tabletop conferencing, you can easily manage a meeting or show crystal-clear video and audio for an important presentation with just a click of a button.

Touchscreens outside your boardrooms can even display who is using the room at that time or who has booked an allotted time later in the day. Then you can schedule your own time right then and there – it’s that simple.

It’s this simplicity that makes the Crestron Flex system so flexible – you can integrate a new system, platform, or device with zero hassle, no extensive wiring or installations required.

Easy to Use

Crestron Flex’s flexibility and reliability are only matched by how easy it is to use on an everyday basis. Whether in those small meetings or large presentations, the user experience is of the same level of high quality every time.

You can incorporate Zoom rooms or Microsoft Teams platforms into your system, or you can even BYOD – “bring your own device.” Walk into a boardroom with your tablet or laptop – and you’re ready to go! Press a button, and you can instantly sync up your smart device with the Flex system in the designated room and then start your presentation or video conference right away.

This seamless user experience makes every conference meeting run smoothly and gives your whole office a boost of morale and efficiency. Plus, when your commercial AV technology runs well and is both robust and dependable – you can rest assured that its daily use becomes an effortless part of your day. So, what is the result? A flourishing business that is continually thriving and bettering itself every day.

Want to find out even more about a Crestron Flex commercial AV system for your company? Feel free to give us a call or fill out our online contact form here to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team of professionals. We look forward to hearing from you!

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