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Simplify Control of Your Restaurant’s A/V System

Simplify Control of Your Restaurant’s A/V System

Upgrade Your University Park Establishment with Audio Video Installation

How many different media sources do you have in your bar or restaurant? TVs, flat-panel displays, and sound equipment can create a sprawling web of technology that is a hassle to navigate, but you can streamline your system with an audio video installation from the experts at Smart Systems.

We’ll help you find the ideal A/V technology to fit the unique demands of your commercial space, and program a control system that brings everything together in a centralized hub so you’re not juggling remotes or mobile apps. Everything you need is all in one place, increasing the efficiency of your business as your media woes become a thing of the past. 

Read on to learn about the main benefits of an audio video installation for your University Park establishment.

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Easy Access to Central Media Server

There are a lot of different ways to watch and listen to media, and you can consolidate all these different entertainment sources into a single A/V system. There’s no need to have a stack of DVDs if your bar plays movies in the background while people socialize. You can download digital copies that are always available when you need them or use a streaming service that gives you a wide variety of selections.

The same goes for music, and you can navigate a number of digital music services to find the playlist or radio station that creates the perfect atmosphere for your restaurant. Have a specific set of songs you want in regular rotation? You can add them to your media server and have the playlist begin automatically when your bar opens.

One-Touch Control from Any Smart Device

Imagine pushing a single button and all the TVs in your restaurant turn on, each playing a specific channel you’ve programmed. The sound system turns on your getting ready music, which automatically transitions to a patron-oriented playlist once your doors open. 

You can do all this from a wireless remote that controls all of your audio video technology, and for added convenience, you can also access your control app from a smart phone or tablet. The manager on duty can immediately adjust any media sources from their personal smart device, allowing them to quickly respond to any guest comments about volume or requests for a specific channel on the TV. 

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Your A/V system is simplified with a matrix switch, which allows you to send audio and video signals from a single input to multiple outputs. If you want all 10 of your bar’s TVs playing Sunday’s football game, they can all use the same cable or satellite receiver. 

Want to learn more about how an audio video installation can enhance the operations of your University Park restaurant or bar? Contact one of our experts at (972) 488-5100 or by filling out our online form.




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