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Simple Tips to Get More from Your Home Theater

Simple Tips to Get More from Your Home Theater

Enjoy smoother performance and better design with our easy guide to maximizing your viewing and listening experience

Technology is improving rapidly these days. High-definition TVs are becoming ever cheaper, delivering better picture quality and adding more smart features, which is why now is an excellent time to upgrade your home theater setup. Last year’s TV models may not have some of the latest improvements. The same is true of speakers, receivers and other components that make up your home entertainment system.

Still, not all system upgrades are created equal. If you’re ready to give your setup a boost, check out this guide to the best home theater design tips for Oklahoma City residents.

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While it’s enjoyable to feel the pulse of your subwoofer during a big action scene and enjoy the 3-D soundscape created by a good surround sound system, speakers are still ungsightly objects when it comes to your home’s aesthetics. They also take up a lot of valuable floor space that could be used for additional seating or other features.

The solution? Install your speakers in your walls or ceiling. Hidden speakers still deliver excellent sound quality, and you get a cleaner design by making sure the devices themselves and the necessary wiring are out of sight.


Getting the best picture quality for your home theater isn’t just about resolution. You also want the colors to be accurately displayed and to jump off the screen.

This is where OLED and HDR technology enter the picture. OLED TVs deliver the best visual performance for the simple reason that every pixel is individually lit with no backlight. Where this really makes a difference is in the darker tones on-screen, as there’s no backlighting to make the image appear brighter than it should.

When it comes to eye-catching colors, be sure your TV comes equipped with HDR capabilities, or high-dynamic range. TVs that use HDR in their displays have a much broader color palette, which helps the images appear more lifelike as well as more accurately replicate the image intended by the creators.  HDR is available even on many 1080p displays if you’re looking for a budget-conscious option, but it’s a must-have if you own a 4K TV.


You may have the best TV on the market, but if your home network can’t handle streaming 4K video content you’re still going to get subpar performance.

Watching 4K content requires every piece of your home theater system to be 4K compatible, from the wires to your receiver and your display. As the first link in that chain, your home network needs to be able to stream 4K content if you want to actually see 4K resolution on your screen. Depending on when and how your home network was set up, getting 4K speeds could be a challenge, which is why we recommend you go with a professional network installation.

To learn more about what you can do get the best possible experience from your home theater, contact our expert staff at Audio Dimensions’ Oklahoma City office. You can call (405) 752-1115, fill out our online contact form, or click on the chat box in the lower-right corner of your screen.

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