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SES Design Group Specializes in Revel Speaker Installation for the Best Sound in Houston

Revel Speakers’ New Performance Series Will Impress Even the Most Adept Music Enthusiast

Have you ever watched a movie in the theater and then came home to realize that your entertainment set-up just didn’t compare? High-quality loudspeakers are a large part of the reason why going to the movies is such a draw. Powerful sound can make you jump out of your seat, send shivers down your spine, and move your heart. Music can also make a difference in people’s lives, but the quality of the sound plays a part in that experience.

SES Design Group installs Revel Speakers in the greater Houston, Texas area because their performance is unrivaled. We only use the best, and Revel fits the bill. Here are some features of Revel Speakers we love, as well as some ways you can install them in your home—whether it’s a home theater, media room, or throughout the whole house.

Architectural Series is perfect for Whole House Music

Revel has developed a special line of speakers that can be installed in the ceiling or the walls to deliver quality sound while not taking up extra space in your house. When the professionals at SES Design Group install a whole house music system, in-wall or in-ceiling speakers are the perfect solution to stream music throughout the property. Residents and guests hardly notice where the sound is coming from and just focus on having fun to the beat.

This line draws upon the same resources, research, and unique design that Revel has put into all of their loudspeakers. Each model is free from distortion over a wide range.

Concerta Speakers can Blow You Away in a Home Theater

Revel recently introduced the Concerta2 loudspeakers at CES in Las Vegas. They are the newest additions and have engineering upgrades and improved audio performance. Their exceptional sound is setting a new precedent for high-end audio, and they would be a perfect fit for a home theater. Every model in this line has been optimized with special design and network integration, giving an accurate and lifelike experience for watching movies in a surround sound environment.

The Ultima2 Line Impresses Audiences in a Listening or Media Room

If you are a true music enthusiast, you may want to design a listening room to enjoy your favorite tunes. Two-channel audio systems in particular are perfect for dedicated listening rooms and usually consist of a left and right speaker situated in front of the room, facing the audience. This setup creates a two-dimensional listening experience.

The Ultima2 line has freestanding speakers to create a multichannel surround sound system. Specifically, Revel’s Salon2 is both elegantly designed and produces unparalleled sound. This model is the highest level of technology and performance that Revel offers.

SES Design Group makes perfect sound a priority whenever they design a home theater, media room, or complete whole house music system. Give us a call or fill out the contact form on our website and we’ll install Revel Speakers for you. Be careful though, you may end up buying more music and entertainment than you planned—this kind of sound is addicting.


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