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Send Off Summer in Style: End-of-Season Supper Club

Send Off Summer in Style: End-of-Season Supper Club

Get the Most out of your Last Vacation Days

Smell that? It’s the distinct scent of pumpkin spice. Store shelves are filling with Halloween-themed bags of candy. And the weather is teasing us with the first hint of a late-year chill.

In other words: fall is coming.

But right now, we’ve still got a few days of sun and warmth – perfect for spending late nights out back with family and friends.

If you haven’t already, now’s the time to start planning how you’ll say goodbye to summer. We suggest a supper club.

In this blog, we’ll look back at some of our great seasonal entertaining ideas so your last few summer nights will be unforgettable.


Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is the perfect place to gather your friends and family for a big summer cookout. From grilling up burgers and roasting vegetables, to creating a rustic ambiance with an outdoor pizza oven, you can make cooking the meal as fun as eating it.

And many modern devices can integrate to make your kitchen operate as smoothly as possible. Lights, AV, comfort controls and more work at the touch of a button, so you can focus on more important things – like not overcooking your steak!

Supper Club Idea: You may want to impress your friends with your well-developed cooking skills, but why not invite them in on the fun? Assign everyone a role to help prepare the meal, and bond over the unique adventure.


Summer Recipes

Of course, cooking is fun, especially when you tailor your recipes to the season. Try out some uniquely “summer” recipes by taking full advantage of your outdoor space. Nothing says summer like cooking with fire, so don’t be afraid to light up your tandoori grill or throw a homemade pizza in the brick oven.

Plus, you’ll get even more out of the experience when you try new flavors and new dishes. Search your local market for unique cuts of meat and fun summer vegetables. Try pickling unusual produce or cool off with some Thai rolled ice cream. This summer try something new.

Supper Club Idea: Made-from-scratch is big this year. Why not ask everyone to bring their own versions of condiments and side dishes? That way, everyone can experience a fun spin on old favorites.


Backyard Paradise

Craft the perfect setting for your supper club to enjoy the late summer nights when you upgrade your outdoor lighting, AV, and more. Lighting helps guests feel safe, keeps everything visible, and turns a dark night into a vibrant backyard paradise.

Integrate control of your AV, lighting, and comfort setting to enjoy one-touch controls over your tech. If your devices are doing their job right, you likely won’t even think about them throughout the evening.

Supper Club Idea: Use your lighting and integrated AV to carve out an intimate spot where you and your friends can gather. Discuss the experience of preparing the meal, why you chose your dishes, and more in a setting that’s both intimate and open.


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