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Secure and Strengthen Your Network Connection

Secure and Strengthen Your Network Connection

Check out How Luxul Improves Your Home Networking System

The health of your smart home network is essential for you to get any work done in living space. The network is the very foundation of your Little Rock, AR smart home! All other elements fall back on it to function properly.

Our team at Audio Dimensions can ensure you operate with a secure and robust home network connection at all times. In this blog, we’ll dive into our home networking services as well as what a Luxul network system and its devices have to offer.

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A Strong, Secure Connection

Working with our team of expert integrators for your home network installation or upgrade means you can rely on a network connection that pulls you and your whole smart home throughout the day.

With a variety of smart devices and components running simultaneously in every part of your home, you might notice lagging videos and endless loading times. You need an expanded bandwidth that can take on more smart technologies without resulting in glitches and buffering symbols.

Our professional installation means you get a seamless, top-notch connection at all times, no matter how many other solutions are in use at a time. Each smart device and solution can communicate and respond to one another, leaving you with a smart home that operates and runs without any delay or error.

Another quality of a professional installation is that you can rest assured your connection remains secure from the get-go and down the line. If you’re working from home right now or even transferring personal information via your network, you want to guarantee that it’s a secure and well-protected connection. Our team installs the proper firewalls and VPNs to keep intruders and hackers out and prevents your vulnerable data or identity from being stolen. It’s one more step in making your smart home a safe space, always!

Luxul Connection and Coverage

Luxul wants to make top-quality wireless coverage achievable through a professional-grade network installation. Their high-end solutions are only available through select dealers, like Audio Dimensions, and provide a wireless network design for any sized residential space.

Customize your setup with wireless access points and additional routers to ensure you get vast coverage for your entire property, without any fear of dead zones or dropped calls. But Luxul offers both wireless and wired products – letting you combine both for a network system that runs perfectly day in and day out.

Want to find out more about our home networking services and how Luxul solutions can elevate your system? Give our team at Audio Dimensions a call at (501) 223-1115 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We’d love to hear from you!

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