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Samsung Freestyle

Samsung Freestyle

Portable Smart Projector

The projector has been a staple in luxury home theaters for decades. In those dark, light-controlled, rooms projectors are great, but in the past they were big, loud, expensive, and dim. In the last few years LED projectors and laser projectors have changed the home theater landscape, providing contrast and lifespan similar to LED televisions.  

These same advancements in LED technology have been used to create portable projectors for years as well, but they are typically cheap, with a poor image and terrible sound. If you use them far enough away from the wall to create a large image, it is rarely bright enough to enjoy, even in relatively dark rooms.  

The Samsung Freestyle is a different kind of portable projector. For one, it is a laser projector, with a laser used as the light source. There are others, but they definitely fall into the higher end of the category. The Freestyle is also modular. It can be combined with different bases like a battery base, or even a light socket adapter that allows it to hang from, and get power from, a simple light socket.  

The Freestyle looks great, but it is smart as well. The Freestyle works with Alexa and Bixby (Samsung’s voice assistant), has streaming features built in, and includes Wi-Fi to take advantage of your existing streaming services. On top of that it can connect with a bluetooth speaker for connection to a larger speaker or even your headphones, and can connect with your phone for mirroring if you have cell service but no Wi-Fi.  

The Samsung Freestyle is a great option for a college dorm room, kid’s bedroom, or just an excuse to get outside for a different kind of movie night. If you are looking for an excuse to have new adventures with your family, or you just want to give the coolest gift you can give under $1000, we think the Samsung Freestyle portable projector is it. 

Reach out to BRAVAS today if you are interested or have questions about how the Freestyle projector might work for you! 

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