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Remote System Monitoring Allows You to Travel With Less Worry

Remote System Monitoring Allows You to Travel With Less Worry

Spectrum Technology Integrators Give You Control of Your Home and Your Lifestyle

Whether you are traveling for work or pleasure, your home automation system can keep tabs on your property while you are away. Spectrum Technology Integrators puts you in complete control of your home and all its features no matter where you are.

With remote monitoring your home alerts you when an issue arises. Using your smartphone, tablet or laptop you can see the status of your home security system. If a preset event occurs you will be automatically contacted through a text message, email notification, or a recorded voice message.

Temperature Management

Should your home get too warm, the system will alert you via your desired method. With remote access you can login to your home thermostat or decide to call a neighbor to check on the house for you.

Water Leaks

Using a sensor, your home automation system will alert you in the event of a potential leak or busted pipe. In such an event, early notification is key to saving you thousands of dollars in repair bills.

Entry Alerts

With window and door sensors, you’ll receive a notification should one of these entry points be breached.

Other Features of Remote Monitoring
• Adjust lights and shades
• Arm and disarm security system
• Open your home to specific people at specific times

In addition to receiving alerts about potential issues at your home, remote monitoring allows you to log into your home video surveillance cameras from a smart phone in order to get a visual confirmation of what’s happening. Whether you want to keep an eye on your vacation property or monitor your home while you’re away, the team at Spectrum will design and install a system tailored to meet your needs.

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