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Reinforce Your Home Automation System with SurgeX

Reinforce Your Home Automation System with SurgeX

Learn the Value Of Power Protection for Your Home

Are you considering a smart home upgrade for your property in the Westlake area? You’ll want to make sure that your system is supported by a power protection and energy intelligence solution like SurgeX, which eliminates surges and delivers a steady supply of clean power to your devices.

Smart home owners without power protection might be experiencing mysteriously malfunctioning equipment that forces them to reboot their devices constantly. It’s not the software or the hardware that’s the problem. It’s the generator supplying their home’s energy, and if your generator experiences frequent blackouts or brownouts, your entire home automation system is negatively impacted.

Keep reading to learn why you want SurgeX power protection for your Westlake home.


Why should you be concerned about unclean power?

It's easy to take electricity for granted, and given how much money you give your energy company each month, you assume that your home is getting stable, clean power. That's not the case, though. Your energy company is primarily concerned with getting the power to your home; it's up to you to find solutions that will eliminate noise and ground contamination on the line.

Unclean power can lead to distortion in audio and video signals, which isn’t acceptable when you’ve spent so much time and money putting a high-performance A/V system in your home. It causes even bigger headaches when the same home automation system connects all of your technology. If you have your smart lighting and high-definition TV on the same circuit, changing your lighting can create common-mode noise on the screen. In the worst-case scenario, your TV goes black because the noise causes the logic circuit to freeze up. 

How does SurgeX fix the problem?

SurgeX was developed because there was no option for surge suppressors that didn’t use metal-oxide varistors, which diverted amps of surge current to the ground wire and created ground contamination. That energy could travel anywhere, potentially damaging sensitive equipment and introducing phantom gear issues.

SurgeX introduced a power conditioner and surge suppressor that didn’t shunt off the energy to ground wiring, but blocked it and contained it. The technology has evolved in the past two decades to the point where SurgeX equipment eliminates all disturbances on AC mains, from small bursts of energy caused by transients within the building to potentially catastrophic 6000-volt lighting surges.

SurgeX’s Envision diagnostic intelligent monitoring device analyzes the power conditions within your home, showing you exactly where and when you are experiencing dips, surges, and spikes. Those results will inform what power protection equipment is needed for your home, and you’ll be able to see just how much of a different SurgeX makes in maintaining a steady flow of clean energy to your smart home devices.

Want to learn more about adding SurgeX power protection to your home automation system?

Reach out to one of our experts at (972) 488-5100 or by sending a message in the chat window at the bottom of your screen.

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