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Protect Your Holiday Packages with Smart Security for Your Home

Protect Your Holiday Packages with Smart Security for Your Home

Fend off porch pirates with the latest automated security measures for your Fort Worth home

The holidays may be the most wonderful time of the year, but it’s also the time when so-called “porch pirates” come out of the woodwork to steal your holiday deliveries. These Grinches are destined for a lump of coal in their stockings, yet it’s your Christmas that will be ruined if they snag a gift meant for your spouse or child.

What’s the answer? An automated security system from Smart Systems. Today’s blog will walk Texas residents through all the ways a smart home security system can help keep potential thieves away from their Fort Worth home.

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You can keep an eye on your porch whenever you want with a smart door camera. These devices are easily installed and give you instant access to a video feed using your smartphone. You can also get notifications when someone is at the door. As soon as you get a notification that a package has been delivered, you can see for yourself on camera and keep an eye on it.

Doorbell cameras also pair well with smart locks. Instead of a key, smart locks use digital codes and can also be unlocked remotely with your phone. If you’re expecting a delivery, you’ll get a notification on your phone; then you can use the camera to verify who’s at the door and let them inside. Once the delivery is complete, you can lock the door behind them.


If you want a stronger deterrent against porch pirates, an outdoor surveillance camera or two will get the job done. The latest outdoor security cameras have features like motion detection, facial recognition, night vision, pan-tilt-zoom capabilities, and more. As is the case with doorbell cameras and smart locks, outdoor surveillance cameras can also send a notification to your phone if they sense anything is amiss.


Sometimes something as simple as a light is enough to deter someone from stealing. Outdoor lighting control that’s set for motion detection will sense anyone that approaches your home and light up the area. It’s much harder to commit a crime when the entire neighborhood can see what’s happening, and that may be enough to send would-be criminals fleeing. (For a more festive application, you can also use motion detection to turn on your holiday lights when your neighbors walk by.)

Now is the time to get started on your smart home security system, before the full craziness of the holiday season sets in. Call us today at (972) 488-5100. You can also find us online or leave a message in the chat box in your browser.

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