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Outdoor Screens Get Motorized Makeover

Outdoor Screens Get Motorized Makeover

In most areas of the country, there is that perfect time of year where family activities move outdoors, and quality-of-life hits an annual high. But then the season changes and that perfect weather is replaced by more extreme temperatures. Dinners on the patio, glasses of wine by the firepit and weekends spent by the pool stop, and the family abandons the yard until the perfect weather returns.

For the longest time this was just a part of life, but outdoor motorized shades have helped us turn two and three season porches into spaces that our clients can enjoy year-round.

Outdoor motorized screens are exactly what the name would suggest. Screens that can be used to exclude insects, block the sun, or even provide privacy. Modern motors and intelligent control systems allow the shades to be moved at the touch of a button, or automatically throughout the day. The fabrics come in different weights and colors, and based on your goals, a fabric can be selected to make your space more comfortable year round.

Outdoor motorized screens can be used to help keep outdoor spaces both cooler or warmer depending on the climate. In fact, on patios with an outdoor fireplace we have seen temperatures more than 25º warmer than the temperature outside the patio. When combined with infrared outdoor heaters, these screens let you be truly comfortable even when the temperature is below freezing. In warmer climates, a fan and screens can help a porch stay comfortable even when the rest of the yard is sweltering.

If you would like to add more usable square footage to your home without the cost or frustration of a remodel, call your local BRAVAS location today. We can help make your yard an investment you and your family can enjoy year-round.

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