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OLED vs. LED TVs: What’s Best for Super Bowl Sunday?

OLED vs. LED TVs: What’s Best for Super Bowl Sunday?

Get Ready for the NFL Playoffs with a High-End Screen

As Super Bowl season approaches, you’re more than likely planning tailgates and viewing parties at your home for you and your friends to enjoy together. But if your home entertainment setup isn’t at the level it could be, you aren’t getting the most out of your viewing experiences.

That’s why bringing in a 4K OLED TV to your Philadelphia, PA media room is essential. In this blog, we’ll discuss what makes OLED differ from LED TVs, and why it’s a must-have choice for your game day parties and more. Want to find out more? Just keep reading below.

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Differences Between LED and OLED

You’ve probably heard LED or OLED mentioned regarding 4K flat-screen TVs before – but what do both these terms mean, and more importantly, what’s the difference between them? Both are slim designs that display 4K resolution media. However, LED uses liquid crystal display (LCD) technology and an LED backlight to illuminate these crystals.

The crystals and LEDs (light-emitting diodes) work together to either block light or let it pass through, to create the picture up on the screen. This backlighting setup means bright, vivid colors in any type of lighting situation – even if all the lights are on in the room. Some LED TVs use “quantum dots” that make the colors even more life-like and bright; this refers to “QLED.”

On the other hand, OLED doesn’t need a backlight to produce those vivid colors. Every pixel within the screen is self-illuminating, so each pixel can be on or turned off completely at a time. This means rich, absolute true blacks and high contrast for a detailed, crisp image every time. You’ll see every scene on screen as you’ve never witnessed it before.

OLED for Game Days

When you have everyone over for the NFL playoffs, or the big Super Bowl Sunday, OLED is the choice to go with. It offers much wider viewing angles, meaning it doesn’t matter how far away you get from the screen – the quality is still there.

With LED, unless you’re directly in front of the screen, you’ll start to lose those bright colors and contrast. OLED lets you move around your media room freely, giving you a picture-perfect view from any angle. This is preferred when you have food and drink setups that everyone’s getting up and walking to, or when the room is filled to the brim and guests are sitting and standing in all areas of your entertainment space. Give everyone an amazing picture quality even as the game day calls for moving around and away from the screen from time to time.

Sony TVs to Choose

So which OLED TVs are the right ones for you? We recommend Sony’s OLED TV. Its 8 million self-illuminating produce that incredible contrast and vivid colors you’ve been searching for – giving every image an immersive, life-like feel.

Plus, Sony OLED TVs are made to prevent image burn-in. Its processors, unique to Sony, can detect when an image is static on screen. It then shifts the pixel to stop burn-in or image retention. Never see motion blur, never have a bad view. That’s what Sony promises.

Bring this high-end audio video solution and product to your home in time for the Super Bowl. Enjoy your media in the future how it should be enjoyed – find out why OLED TVs are a worthy investment. Want to learn even more? Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form. We’d love to hear from you!

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