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New Ways to Enjoy Multi-Room Audio While You’re Home

New Ways to Enjoy Multi-Room Audio While You’re Home

Optimize Your Whole Home Audio System

As the summer goes on, many homeowners find that staying inside might just be the main event of the season. But with a whole home audio system in place, you have endless options to liven up your day in your Oklahoma City, OK living space. Now spending time at home and entertaining the family has never been easier – and only with just a press of a button!

Keep reading below to learn about the top features of a Crestron multi-room music system, and how your distributed audio can elevate your whole home.

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Jam Session Indoors and Out

It’s never a great feeling when you start to feel cooped up at home. But sometimes, the easiest way to break out of a funk is getting up and moving.

With just a push of a button, you can start streaming your favorite music and media in every room of your home – both inside and outdoors! Get to walking around and straight out dancing to number-one hits and playlists, from your bedroom and the media room to the basement and outdoor patio.

A Crestron whole home audio system doesn’t limit where your audio can be. With high-end speakers installed throughout your property, wherever these are located, you can bring your dance or party music to get yourself pumped and ready to face the day – no special occasion required.

Catch Up on a Podcast or Audiobook

Who says multi-room audio has to just be for music? Often times, homeowners visualize a whole home audio setup streaming only tunes and songs – but your system can provide so much more than that. It’s a high-fidelity audio performance for any format you choose.

This summer is the perfect time to start getting into a new podcast or catching up on an old one. The same goes for audiobooks, and the best part is being able to take them anywhere throughout your home with absolute ease. Relax in the sitting room up front as you listen to a story, and then pause it with a push of a button – only to walk to the kitchen or laundry room and press play to have the audio start exactly where you left off.

Set Up a Personal Spa Day

Unwind at home and make the most of your time in your own space. You can create an at-home spa or relaxation day filled with soothing activities and plenty of rest – and what better way to accompany this situation than with melodic tunes and ambient noises to calm and relax yourself?

You can set up a serene atmosphere with the right sounds and audio. Choose pre-set playlists or pick and choose the best lulling music to listen to as you bask in the sun by the pool or lounge in the living room. Start to fall asleep as you hear the steady roar of crashing waves, light rain, or a babbling brook – all from the Crestron speakers in your home. Whole home audio gives you the option to stream any type of audio at all, meaning the possibilities for daily playback are endless.

Want to find out more about multi-room audio for your home? Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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