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Make Home Automation Yours with Custom Technology Design

Make Home Automation Yours with Custom Technology Design

SES Design Group Has the Smart Solutions that Won’t Disrupt the Décor of Your Houston, TX Home

Some homeowners are hesitant to jump head first into the world of smart automation because they think all of the equipment will disrupt the décor of their home. However, custom technology design options are available for the discerning client. You don’t have to worry about bland lighting or bulky speakers taking up space in every room – you can customize your spaces anyway you like! Read on to find out what SES Design Group can do to keep your home beautiful while enhancing its functionality.

Set the Scene with Lutron Lighting

Lighting is an often overlooked, but no less important, element of your room design. And don’t think you’re limited to a few lamps scattered around the room. In-ceiling lighting fixtures by Lutron can sculpt a space out of light and shadow. Set the mood for the perfect family dinner in your dining room with a preset scene on your control device. Transform your family room into the home theater of your dreams with just the touch of a button. It’s all possible with Lutron lighting.

Plus, lighting zones give you even more customizability. Want the lights off around the TV but only dimmed behind the couch so that you can navigate your room with ease? It’s simple to pick and choose what and where you see. With Lutron your entire room’s lighting is part of your custom technology design.

Hear Better with Sonance Speakers

You’ve probably seen the big, bulky cabinet speakers. They sound great, but unless you want your room designed around them, they can be pretty obtrusive to décor. Fortunately, Sonance, a leader in speaker design, offers more than just a beautiful series of freestanding cabinet speakers. So while that may be a main feature of your dedicated listening room, you can also have whole house audio with Sonance in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. These virtually invisible components carry your music evenly down the hallway, in the foyer and into any room of your home. Your interior design isn’t dictated by your equipment.

Clear Your Space With Hidden Technology

With home automation, you don’t even have to see a television if you’re not watching it. Mirror TVs by Seura are functional and practical pieces while remaining beautiful when not in use. Get ready for work in the morning while watching the news right there in the mirror.

Of course, if you prefer to watch movies on the big screen, your dedicated home theater can be fitted with a retractable film screen by Stewart. It can drop down from the ceiling when you’re ready for a flick, and roll back up as soon as you’re done. And don’t forget, you can integrate you controls for total command of your lighting, sound system and movie screen from a single remote, smartphone or tablet.

Are you ready to enhance your Houston, TX home with custom technology design? Contact us to get started on your project today!

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