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Make a Statement: Digital Art for Your Home

Make a Statement: Digital Art for Your Home

Hide Luxurious AV Solutions in Plain Sight

Technology has a peculiar relationship with design. In many cases, it’s essential for crafting the look you want. But interior designers still tend to stay away from adding devices to rooms, fearing clunky components will detract from client’s unique aesthetic.

Of course, sophisticated fans of technology understand that in today’s world, there’s very little difference between convenience and style. Luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. Find out how you can enjoy the best of both worlds with the latest AV technology.

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An Artful Display

One of the most significant obstacles designers face is hiding televisions. Many homeowners prefer to have TVs or other displays in their living room, bedroom, and throughout the house. But when a TV is off, it’s nothing more than a big, black rectangle that disrupts decor and makes your room look tacky.

Integrators have offered solutions for years. Among the most popular are motorized lifts -- custom devices that can retract the TV into the walls at the touch of a button. But some homeowners aren’t interested in installing custom lifts in every room of their home.

Another option is to turn your TV into a work of art. Samsung’s Frame TV offers a seamless transition between some of the world’s most prestigious paintings and optimal 4K, HDR television viewing. Samsung has licensed artwork from galleries like the Guggenheim and the Met for display in your home. When the TV is in standby mode, brightness and contrast automatically adjust for realistic reproduction of your favorite pieces.

The TV’s outer casing mimics the look of a matted frame, to complete the illusion. And thanks to the 4K resolution, viewers can stand directly in front of the image without suspecting that it’s anything other than genuine.

An Ear for Design

Another aspect of technology that designers must contend with is speaker installation. Discerning audiophiles love multi-room audio solutions -- the ability to move throughout the house without a noticeable drop in sound quality or volume -- but don’t always want to look at large, floor standing units in every room.

Integrators offer small aperture and recessed speaker solutions that sit neatly within the wall. Sonance’s Visual Performance line uses computer software to build virtually invisible, in-wall speakers from state-of-the-art materials. Their solutions sound good enough to compete with high-end audio manufacturers without the need for bulky, visible hardware.

James Loudspeaker also offers a variety of in-wall solutions. They also offer fully customizable solutions, so you can build speakers that fit within the style of your room. You can build anything, from sartorial to steampunk, to enjoy the look you love. Plus, with James’ Centergy technology, you can enjoy customized configurations that reproduce stunning sound for your video display, too.

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