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Luxurious Features of a Real Smart Home

Luxurious Features of a Real Smart Home

There are a lot of thoughts on what a luxury smart home is, and with so many gadgets today, you may wonder what constitutes making your home not only smart, but luxuriously so. We've put together some ideas that represent elevated home technologies that we see most often in luxury smart homes.

Designer Lighting Keypads

When you talk to someone who has lived in a smart home they will typically say the technology they couldn’t go without is lighting control. But lighting control systems still have switches and keypads on the wall, and most are cheap feeling plastic. Luxury lighting control systems feature keypads that match the quality of the other materials in the home, like metal and glass. They also feel great, so interacting with them is never a chore. Luckily, form meets function with new designer keypads like the Lutron Alisse, Lutron Palladiom and the Designer Keypads from Crestron.

(Well-Planned) Motorized Shading

Shading systems provide another layer of lighting control in luxury homes, and the way they are installed can reflect the quality of the home. Palladiom shade hardware is gorgeous, and meant to be seen. If you prefer your shades hidden away, BRAVAS designers can help your architect and builder hide them away in the ceiling. When it comes to fabric, there are literally thousands of options from practical, to simply luxurious. We can work with you and your interior design team to ensure you end up with exactly the look you want, but with all of the convenience of a smart automated shade.

Where are the Speakers?

Whole-home audio is quite common in modern homes these days, but the simple in-ceiling speaker has barely changed in the last 20 years. The two biggest advancements in recent years are invisible speakers and small-aperture speakers, designed to match modern recessed lights. The ceiling should be designed as purposefully as the walls are, and these modern speakers allow any home to look better, no matter where you look. Check out Sonance Invisible Series Speakers and read more about them here.

Complete Home Control

A truly effective luxury smart home improves everyday living through an integrated home control system. Companies like Savant, Crestron, Control4, and Elan provide control platforms compatible with many smart systems. From lighting and security to entertainment and climate management, the integration of innovative technology can transform an already magnificent home into an exceptionally enhanced place to live, work, and play.

We’re here to help! Contact BRAVAS Colorado to find out how to enhance your home, and the life you live inside it.

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