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Lutron Brings Smart Lighting to Every Corner of Your Home

Lutron Brings Smart Lighting to Every Corner of Your Home

Experience the Difference With a Custom Solution From SES Design Group

What exactly is the purpose of a smart home lighting control system? At its most basic level, it’s about getting the right amount of light at the right time and doing so in an efficient manner. Of course, this can mean very different things throughout your home. Your lights don’t serve the same purpose in your garage as they do in your bedroom, for example.

Which is where Lutron steps in. The company has a broad array of control, color and design options to help you craft a unique solution for every corner of your space. The professional integrators at SES Design Group can then work with you to turn it all into one comprehensive, easy-to-use system. Below are some ways lighting control can be implemented in areas throughout your Houston, Texas home.

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For your kitchen, Lutron dimmers and smart shades could make all the difference. Dimmers help you adjust the light to match your activity, whether it’s cooking dinner or hosting friends. Dimmers can be placed on switches on the wall or controlled from your smartphone, touchpad or tablet. Meanwhile, smart shades use photo sensors to adjust to the sun’s light. When the sun rises, have your shades automatically open so you and your family can enjoy breakfast in natural light. Lutron offers a variety of shade options to match your kitchen décor, including solar shades that let you see out while blocking out the sun.

Children’s Room

Tired of yelling at your kids for never turning off the lights when they leave their rooms? Install Lutron Maestro dimmers with occupancy sensors. When the room is unoccupied for an extended period, the lights will automatically turn off. You can also take advantage of scheduled scenes. For the younger kids, create a ‘bedtime’ scene that slowly dims the lights. This way they can go to bed with a comfort light on without you having to worry about turning it off once they fall asleep.

Home Theater

Dimmers and scenes can also play a big part in creating a legitimate theater experience in your home. Link your Lutron lighting control to your Savant Systems or Control4 smart home automation system to create a ‘Cinema’ scene. This scene would close the shades, dim the lights and turn on your video display to your movie library. When you press pause, the lights raise so you can grab some snacks from the kitchen. You can also install small LED lights on the floor linked to motion sensors that light up as you walk past to lead the way out of the room.

Multi-Room Control

The lighting you use is often not contained in one space. Which is where Lutron HomeWorks QS – which can encompass your entire home -- can be very useful. Your scenes, dimmers, sensors and switches don’t have to be limited to one room. For example, expand the LED pathway in your home theater all the way to your kitchen. You can also create a “Welcome” scene that lights up your kitchen and living room when you return home.

Whatever the distinct needs of each of your rooms, Lutron has an answer. Contact SES Design Group to bring a custom lighting control solution into your home.

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