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Lower Energy Costs with a Lighting Control System

Lower Energy Costs with a Lighting Control System

Enrich Your Westlake, TX Home while Saving on Your Monthly Energy Bill

Your energy bill can be one of your most expensive utilities if you have a home full of devices that are consistently using power, but you can use integrated home control to save energy with a Lutron lighting control system. Your lights make up a significant percentage of your home's energy usage, and that can add up when your kids always forget to shut the lights off after they leave a room.

With a wide range of adjustment and monitoring options, a Lutron lighting control system allows you to keep an eye on your lighting’s energy usage and make immediate changes that will save you money. Keep reading to learn more about how smart lighting can lower the monthly energy costs of your Westlake-area home.


Remote Access for Control and Monitoring

Did you leave the kitchen lights on as you were rushing out the door for work? Did you forget to darken the den before getting into bed?

A lighting control system lets you check on your lights and adjust them from your smartphone or tablet, so you don't have to bite the loss of those kitchen lights when you're away for the day. Just open the control app at the office to check if the kitchen light is on, and if so, turn it off with another tap.

Don’t get out of bed to turn off the lights in your house. You can check specific zones, but you can push a single button that puts all the lights in bedtime mode, which can mean all of them off, or some off and some dimmed. Customize the configuration however you want, save it to your system, and make all those changes simultaneous by activating that scene.


Automatically Adjust Lights for Empty Rooms

Smart home automation isn't just changing how people interact with a room; it's changing how the room functions when it's empty. Occupancy sensors track how many people are in a room, and make adjustments depending on what you’ve set in your control system.

Do you want the lights to turn off completely when a room is empty or dim so that you don’t have a completely dark space? You choose how you want your system to adjust, and then let it handle the rest on its own until you decide on a new lighting scheme.

As a RadioRA2-certified Lutron dealer, Smart Systems designs and installs lighting control systems with seamless functionality, allowing you to take full advantage of your system immediately once the installation is complete.

And regardless of whether you’re building a brand-new house or you’re simply renovating your existing home, you still can benefit from a Lutron lighting solution.

To learn more about how a lighting control system can benefit your home in the Westlake, Texas area, contact one of our experts at (972) 488-5100 or by filling out our online form.

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