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LG StandbyME Go

LG StandbyME Go

Portable Smart TV

It is rare in this industry to stumble across truly unexpected technology, but when I saw the LG StanbyME Go at CEDIA I was blown away. It was the answer to a question no one had asked….right? Well, not so fast. 

Before we get into exactly what the LG StandbyME Go is, we should discuss the market it is slotting into. The television has historically been a large device that you went to for your entertainment. The smartphone allowed us to treat video much like the iPod allowed us to treat audio, we traded quality for portability. But with the smartphone entertainment became personal, and harder to share. 

Fast forward to 2023 and the LG StandbyME Go. The StandbyME Go is a portable 4K TV in a briefcase. That’s right. A 27” touchscreen HD SMART TV in a briefcase, complete with Wi-Fi and a built-in battery. 

When I first saw the LG StandbyME Go my first thought was “Who would buy this?” After testing it for a few minutes my opinion changed to “Who WOULDN’T enjoy this?”

The LG StandbyME Go provides the ability to entertain a group of people, together, anywhere you choose. Tailgate party? Check! BBQ? Check! Road trip? Check!

If you think the LG StandbyME Go could accompany you on your next adventure let us know, BRAVAS is happy to help answer your questions. 

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