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Let Your Property Shine This Spring With Smart Home Lighting Control

Let Your Property Shine This Spring With Smart Home Lighting Control

Integrated Fixtures Instantly Transform the Look of Your Outdoor Spaces

Decorating your home is exciting. Choosing the right paint for the walls, crafting a unique landscape in your front and backyards, and making your property seem welcoming are all main factors in having fun with your property. But do you ever wish you could completely transform the look of your outdoor spaces with the touch of a button? Home lighting control gives you that option. Change the look of your entire Moorestown, New Jersey residence with ease when you integrate smart lighting in your yard, pool and walkway areas. After the jump, we’ll show you what lighting can do for you.

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Landscape Lighting

Spring is here, and that means it’s time to gear up for barbecue season. But when the sun goes down you don’t want to be left in the dark. Shine bright well into the night with smart landscape lighting fixtures integrated around your yard.

Designed to blend in with the colors and textures of the existing foliage, landscape fixtures can add style and safety to your outdoor spaces. Raise the lights around the deck for maximum visibility, and dim ones in other places around the yard to create an elegant layered effect.

Pool Lighting

Now that the warm weather permits you to refill the pool, it’s time to turn it into a major centerpiece of your home. Underwater LED lights can add a safer, bright glow to your pool. Plus, with a few commands on your control device you can add a burst of color to your outdoor spaces. LED lights frequently offer an array of thousands of color options that you can change at will. There’s no need for gelled bulbs, just select a hue and enjoy.

Additionally, LED fixtures are perfect for your home because they last a long time (up to 20 years with constant usage), and they’re among the most energy-efficient technologies in the lighting world. You can rest easy knowing that the lights you install in the pool won’t burn out quickly.

Walkway Lighting

Another smart place to add a touch of color to your home’s exterior is along walkways. Light up a path with a comforting glow that guides you to and from your front door. Whether you want to highlight the landscaping around the pathway, or just make it easier to see when the sun is down, LED walkway lighting can make your home more inviting and fun.

Take hands-free control of your walkway lighting with integrated motion sensors. When movement is detected in a designated area, the pathway alights for a safe journey. Also, preset timers can illuminate your landscape as soon as the sun goes down, for a more beautiful and safer property.

Are you ready to light up your Moorestown residence? Contact us today for customized home lighting control solutions.

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