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Learn How to Strengthen Your Smart Home Security System

Learn How to Strengthen Your Smart Home Security System

We Break Down Why Back-Ups Are So Important

Security is a top priority for smart home owners, and 90 percent of Smart Systems’ clients include security features in their integrated technology systems. People want to know that their families are protected, and smart technology allows you to create a comprehensive security system that is customized for your property.

Backup equipment is essential to a successful smart home security system, keeping your home on alert if the electricity or the Internet goes out. Keep reading to learn how these support systems strengthen your security technology and safeguard your home in the Southlake area.


Back-Up Batteries

Say you’re away on vacation and a tornado touches down in Southlake. Sure, it’s a worst-case scenario, but it’s not entirely out of the question. You want to check that your home is safe, and normally you’d be able to pull up your security app and gain immediate access to your surveillance cameras. Except the electrical grid has been knocked out and your cameras don’t have a backup battery. You’re in the dark. Do you ask your neighbor if they’ll go over and check in the middle of a tornado threat? Do you anxiously wait it out until the power is back?

You don’t want to be in this situation, which is why every security system we install comes with a backup battery that keeps it running if your power goes out. This ensures that you are able to access your system while you’re away, but it also means our 24/7 monitoring service isn’t interrupted. You can rest easy knowing that in case of an emergency you’ll receive an alert, so you don’t have to take time out of your vacation to check your surveillance cameras.

In the event of a burglary, whether you’re home or away, Smart Systems will take action to protect your family and belongings. You’ll get an instant alert if a trespasser is detected on your property, and if you’re unavailable, we’ll contact the authorities and activate security measures designed to keep criminals away: Lock all entrances, turn on smart lighting both outside and inside the house, and issue an audio warning telling them that the police are on their way.

Cellular Alarms

A lot of DIY smart security options depend on Cloud-based connectivity via your Wi-Fi, but that creates new security concerns, puts more data on your already jam-packed network and wipes out your service if power and Internet are gone. This is why we install Telguard cellular alarms, which use a nationwide LTE cellular network to transmit important security data.

Telguard’s HomeControl Flex gives homeowners the ability to arm and disarm their security system from anywhere using a free mobile app, and these communicators are designed for seamless integration with your existing smart home automation system.

Want to learn more about adding a smart home security system to your Southlake home and our local home security monitoring plans?

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