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It’s Time to Upgrade Your Vacation Home

It’s Time to Upgrade Your Vacation Home

Spruce up Your Home Media Room This Year

It may not seem like it yet, but the holidays are right around the corner. Think about it – summer is winding down and in the next few months we have Halloween, Thanksgiving and all of the big winter holidays. So you may not be so concerned with upgrading the home media room in your Jersey Shore vacation property. But now’s the best time to start considering how you’ll enjoy next year’s entertainment. In this blog, we’ll show you why you should start thinking about how you’ll spruce up your media room for next year.

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New Gear Late in the Year

When you’re thinking about improving a space, you usually want the latest technology. The time leading up to the holidays is the point when new tech starts hitting the market in a big way. For instance, Sony and Microsoft have just announced the latest versions of their gaming consoles – the Playstation 4 Pro and Xbox One S, respectively. Both systems are capable of 4K and HDR, making them just the latest AV products to jump onboard the UHD train.

But even if you’re not interested in videogames, fall and winter are still the best times to upgrade AV. New, larger-format 4K television displays are coming out, with features like OLED backlighting, that will improve the way you watch video content. It’s the most important time of year to keep an eye on new, emerging technology.

A Busy Time

If you think it’s too early to start talking about Thanksgiving and Christmas, you may be right. But the truth is that winter is one of the busiest seasons for most professional CE integrators. Making sure you get in before the holiday rush is the smartest way to avoid conflicting appointments or delayed projects.

Of course, you don’t really have to decide on anything just yet. If you know you’re looking at an upgrade next year, however, you should start considering what you want in your media room. Once you have a rough idea, you can make the decision to reach out to an installer.

You’ll Be Out of the House

Because we’re waving “goodbye” to summer, it’ll be back to school and back to work for many of us. So if you’re planning on having a home media room installed, now’s the time to act.

Homeowners love integrated technology because it’s simple, elegant and clean-looking. But the process of integrating the tech isn’t always so easy. Hardwiring, moving big pieces of gear – all of these factors result in a busy home. So it’s best to enjoy the technology after it’s been installed, rather than having a professional work around you and your family.

Are you thinking about upgrading your Jersey Shore Property’s home media room? Contact us today.

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