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Is Your Own Garden the Perfect Spring Oasis?

Is Your Own Garden the Perfect Spring Oasis?

Rejuvenate Your Mind in Your Own Backyard

With the weather finally warming up, you’re probably thinking of all the amazing places you can escape to this year. So, what are you doing? Exploring the temples in Bali, catching a movie at the Cinematheque Française?

What if we told you this year’s big relaxation spot was your own backyard? It’s time to enjoy the season in your own private spring garden. Keep reading to find out how can you transform your space into the ultimate spring retreat spot.

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For Smaller Spaces

If your home has limited outdoor space, it’s the perfect opportunity for a private garden. For instance, a rooftop garden in a Manhattan high-rise is the ideal place to find a little peace within the big city. There are virtually limitless options, especially when you combine the beauty of nature with modern conveniences.

A few trees and bushes around the area will give it a simple, natural feel, while speakers discreetly hidden throughout the space will allow you to enjoy your favorite music. And high-end speakers aren’t the only technology to conceal in your garden. Motorized lifts that hide movie screens or TV monitors allow you to spend even more time in your oasis. You can even install a bar that only shows itself when you’re ready to use it.

When you take advantage of technology, you can turn your city life into the ultimate paradise.

For Larger Spaces

Of course, if your home is outside of the city, there is a much wider variety of options for your spaces. Speakers and video monitors throughout a well-manicured spring garden make it a great place to relax and enjoy an MLB game.

Among your rare trees and flowers, water features like fountains and pools will turn a backyard into a tranquil sanctuary. Integrate lighting and audio components into your pool, so you never have to live a minute without your favorite music.

With additional space also comes greater customizability.

For instance, if you’re a fan of cars, why not transform your garage into the ultimate indoor/outdoor entertaining space. Imagine a customized garage that opens with the touch of a button. Suddenly, your car collection is on display, you have direct access to a covered movie theater and you’re just steps away from your private pool.

Whether you spend time alone to recharge your mind or entertain guests, the impact of a freshly updated and uniquely personalized garden will be extraordinary. There’s virtually no end to how you can customize your spring spaces – and when you do, you may not want to leave yours ever again.

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