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Is Whole Home Audio Worth It?

Is Whole Home Audio Worth It?

Check Out the Benefits and Features of This Sound Solution

Listening to music is part of a regular day’s lineup for many people. So playing that media throughout your Little Rock, AR home shouldn’t be even the slightest hassle. A whole home audio system can make streaming tunes to every corner of your property a breeze – but is this solution worth it?

How valuable is a multi-room audio system, exactly? In this blog, we’ll show you how beneficial an audio distribution system could be for your home. Find out even more by reading on below.

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Hidden Audio Features

Often times, a homeowner’s main concern with a new smart technology addition is how it will mesh with the rest of their existing décor and home setup. But you don’t have to worry about whole home audio’s impact on your interior design; you can enjoy the high-fidelity sound without compromising on your personal style, ever.

A professional distributed audio system from our team at Audio Dimensions keeps all the necessary wiring and cabling hidden away, already decluttering the foundation of your system. Now when it comes to your actual audio equipment and solutions, you have many options for what will best fit your interior design.

Standing loudspeakers can bring a more traditional look to a media room or home theater, falling in line with that desired cinematic atmosphere. There are also bookshelf and counter speakers that are smaller and can sit on top of furniture and, of course: bookshelves and counters. Because these speakers are so discreet, you’ll hear impeccable audio without getting distracted by where it’s coming from.

But for that nearly invisible audio playback you might be seeking, in-wall and in-ceiling speakers are the way to go. These speakers also offer more flexibility with where you can distribute your audio. Your system can now fill even the smaller areas of your home, such as the laundry room or half bath, or the in-between spaces like hallways with music and media. It’s zero effect on your décor with a more streamlined audio distribution.

Absolute Control with Just a Tap

Imagine complete control of your entire music library and every music streaming service all from one centralized source. This is what a whole home audio system from Control4 delivers. Just as you can easily switch from controlling your lighting to managing your smart thermostat, you can just as simply switch from a favorite vinyl record to a new Spotify playlist with only a push of a button on your preferred smart device.

Control4 simplifies integrating your audio system into your overall automation system. Now you and your family and friends can operate your home’s sound just as you would the rest of your smart home.

Take requests for songs at your next dance party or search for a familiar tune from a nearly infinite library – all at your fingertips. Change between albums, adjust volume, or turn on and off the speakers in different rooms throughout your whole home. It’s that easy!

Elevate Every Listening Experience

What if you could experience a new album from a favorite artist as if they were singing in the very room that you’re in? Whether you’re playing a song in a dedicated listening room or filling the entire house up with the tunes, a professional distributed audio system installation means proper setup and design, so you never hit a dead zone as you walk through your property.

We strategically place speakers and seating so that every sound and lyric hits your ears directly. We install acoustic paneling and treatments where needed and customize your audio system setup to fit your home’s exact needs. The next time you play a favorite album or listen to a record for the first time at home, it’ll feel like a unique and unparalleled experience every time.

So how much value does a whole home audio system bring to your home? It turns out – it not only increases your home’s livability now but skyrockets its value when you try to sell it. Still want to know if this audio setup is right for your space? Learn more by giving us a call or filling out our online contact form here. We’d love to hear from you!

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